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Aura (Sinn)

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Location  Bavaria
River mouth  Burgsinn
Length  8 km
Country  Germany
Main source  Forst Aura (de)
Tributaries  Right: Fellach
Source  Aura im Sinngrund
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Progression  Sinn, Franconian Saale, Main, Rhine
Basin size  58.3 square kilometres (22.5 sq mi)

The Aura is an 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) tributary of the Sinn River in Bavaria, Germany.


Map of Aura, Fellen, Germany


The name Aura originates from the Old High German Uraha. The word ur meant Aurochs, and the word aha meant stream, meaning it was a river where Aurochs lived. The river gives the Gemeinde Aura im Sinngrund its name.


The river originates in the Forst Aura in a valley near Aura im Sinngrund and flows in a southerly direction. In Fellen, it meets its largest tributary, the Fellach. At its mouth, the Aura then turns to the east. The mouth of the river is in Burgsinn, where it flows into the Flutgraben, an anabranch of the Sinn


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