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Aulocera saraswati

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Nymphalidae
Scientific name  Aulocera saraswati
Rank  Subspecies
Class  Insecta
Genus  Aulocera
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Butterflies and moths
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Similar  Aulocera swaha, Butterflies and moths, Callerebia scanda, Lethe scanda, Lasiommata schakra

Striated Satyr Aulocera saraswati is a Brown butterfly that is found in the Himalayas.



The butterfly is found in the Himalayas from Chitral eastwards across to Sikkim.


As per Evans, it is common.


The Striated Satyr is 65 to 75 mm in wingspan.

It is a large powerfully built Himalayan butterfly which is dark brown above and characterised by a white band across both wings. The white band is broad and straight on the hindwing and reaches the dorsum. The wings have chequered fringes. A dark apical spot or ocellus is present on the forewing. The under hindwing is pale with prominent white striations. The under hindwing is beautifully variegated with brown, white and grey. Tegumen without hooks.


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