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Audition Portable

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Audition Portable, also called It's Time For Audition, is a PlayStation Portable port of the T3 Entertainment and Yedang Online game Audition Online. The game was released in Korea and Japan only, but the game can be played anywhere on any PSP since it has no Region Code.


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Game play

Similar to other game in this style such as Bust a Groove, this game requires you to enter the arrows and buttons on screen, and then lock them in with another button. The button used to lock in your arrows, similar to the Space button on the keyboard, is the R Button. The better you play, the more buttons you are given to press. Just like in Bust a Groove, playing well in certain stages causes to change.
Another feature is the fact that you can unlock clothes, hair and more songs. This also is a great feature in itself, because the clothes and hair can add attributes and certain effects. This also creates a small problem since the player will tend to wear those clothes more and therefore win and forget the other clothes.

Opening and Premise

When starting the game up, a cute opening movie comes on. This show a young, shy girl wearing a school uniform waiting for a train in the Subway. She then notices a vending machine that reads "Online Dance Competition". Her eyes then shift to a young boy dancing to the music from his headphones. The girl looks very intrigued by his moves. The boy notices her and transports her to a blank room. The whole time, the girl keeps her eyes closed. When she opens her eyes open, she is transported to a dance hall. The video is also the same as one of the Audition Promo videos.


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