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AubieSat 1

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Mission type  Technology
COSPAR ID  2011-061E
Rocket  Delta II 7920-10C
Inclination  101.71°
Period  1.6 hours
Launch date  28 October 2011
Operator  Auburn University
SATCAT no.  37854
Launch site  Vandenberg SLC-2W
Inclination  101.71°
Apogee  750,000 m
Manufacturer  Auburn University
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Similar  Explorer‑1 [Prime], RAX‑2, Jugnu, PSSC‑2, SRMSAT

Aubiesat 1 launch

AubieSat-1 (OSCAR-71) is a CubeSat designed, built, and tested by undergraduate students at Auburn University. It was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base October 28, 2011 atop a Delta II rocket. This was a multi-payload mission with five other CubeSats, M-Cubed, DICE-1, DICE-2, Explorer-1 and RAX-2.


Space the auburn frontier aubiesat 1 launch set to war eagle


The purpose of AubieSat-1 was to accomplish several things:

  • Establish Auburn University as a university capable of developing satellites.
  • Provide workforce applicable experience for students.
  • Study and compare the effects of solar cell coatings.
  • Demonstrate a system bus that could be used at the baseline design for additional satellites later developed by the program.
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