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Attorney General of Kentucky

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Style  The Honorable
Formation  Kentucky Constitution
Inaugural holder  George Nicholas 1792
Attorney General of Kentucky
Term length  Four years, two term limit
Website  Office of the Attorney General

The Attorney General of Kentucky is an office created by the Kentucky Constitution. (Ky.Const. § 91). Under Kentucky law, he serves several roles, including the state's chief prosecutor (KRS 15.700), the state's chief law enforcement officer (KRS 15.700), and the state's chief law officer (KRS 15.020). As the chief prosecutor, the Attorney General is the Chairman of the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council, which supervises the prosecutors of Kentucky (KRS 15.700, KRS 15.705). As chief law officer, he writes opinions to advise government officials and agencies concerning the law. (KRS 15.020). The Attorney General holds an ex officio seat on various Kentucky state boards and agencies.

The Attorney General of Kentucky is elected for a four-year term in the same year other statewide officers are elected, rather than being appointed as in some states such as Alaska. A 1992 amendment to the Kentucky Constitution permits the Attorney General of Kentucky to serve two consecutive terms. (Ky.Const. § 93). The Attorney General appoints a deputy and various Assistants to the Attorney General, who have the power to act on his behalf. (KRS 15.100(1)).

The current Attorney General of Kentucky is Democrat Andy Beshear, who was elected on November 3, 2015.


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