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Kingdom  Animalia
Clade  Eutheria
Higher classification  Placentals
Phylum  Chordata
Clade  Atlantogenata
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Similar  Placentals, Mammal, Boreoeutheria, Exafroplacentalia, Eutheria

Atlantogenata is a proposed clade of mammals containing the cohorts or superorders Afrotheria and Xenarthra. These groups originated and radiated in the South American and African continents, presumably in the Cretaceous. Together with Boreoeutheria, they make up Eutheria. The monophyly of this grouping was supported by some genetic evidence.

Alternative hypotheses are that Boreoeutheria and Afrotheria combine to form Epitheria (as generally supported by anatomical and other physiological evidence) or that Boreoeutheria and Xenarthra combine to form Exafroplacentalia or Notolegia.

Updated analysis of transposable element insertions around the time of divergence strongly supports the fourth hypothesis of a near-concomitant origin (trifurcation) of the three superorders of mammals.

Below shows the phylogeny of the extant atlantogenate families.


Atlantogenata Wikipedia

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