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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Athyrididae
Rank  Genus
Class  Rhynchonellata
Phylum  Brachiopoda
Order  Athyridida
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Similar  Atrypa, Chonetes, Cyrtospirifer, Spirifer, Mucrospirifer

Athyris pronounciation

Athyris is a brachiopod genus with a subequally biconvex shell that is generally wider than long and a range that extends from the Silurian into the Triassic. Athyris is the type genus for the Athyrididae, which belongs to the articulate order Athyridida. R.C. Moore (1952) gives a shorter range, from the Mid Devonian to the Lower Mississippian.


Alverezites, Bruntonites, and Meristospira are among related genera.

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Reassigned species

Some species originally included in Athyris have been reassigned.

  • A. aliena = Septathyris aliena
  • A. headi = Catazyga
  • A. megalotis = Comelicania megalotis
  • A. peracuta = Janiceps peracuta
  • A. royssii = Cleiothyridina royssii
  • A. umbonata = Hindella umbonata
  • Ecology and taphonomy

    Composition: low Mg calcite

    Entire body: yes

    Adult length: 10 to < 100

    Adult width: 10 to < 100

    Adult height: 10 to < 100

    Folds: minor

    Ribbing: minor

    Spines: none

    Internal reinforcement: none

    Locomotion: stationary

    Attached: yes

    Life habit: low-level epifaunal

    Diet: suspension feeder

    Vision: blind

    References: Aberhan et al. 2004, Hendy 2009


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