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Astro Warrior

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Developer  Sega
Mode  Single-player video game
Publishers  Sega, Tectoy
4.8/5 CoolROM

Initial release date  1986
Genre  Shoot 'em up
Platform  Master System
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Release date(s)  JP: 14 December 1986 NA: 1986 INT: 1996
Similar  Pit Pot, Bomber Raid, Kung Fu Kid, Aztec Adventure, Alex Kidd: High‑Tech World

Classic game room hd astro warrior for sega master system

Astro Warrior (アストロウォリアー, Asutoro Uoriā) is a shoot 'em up video game developed and manufactured by Sega for the Master System in 1986. Set in space, the player flies a spaceship shooting enemies and collecting power-ups to reach the mother ship of an invasion force. Reception was mixed, with critics criticising the generic nature and lack of variety, and others praising the graphics. The game was re-released on the Hang-On / Astro Warrior compilation in North America, and the Astro Warrior / Pit Pot compilation in Europe. In 1996, Tec Toy re-released the game in Brazil as Sapo Xulé: SOS Lagoa Poluída, and based it on a Brazilian 1980s toy. This version was also released in Portugal.


Astro Warrior Play Astro Warrior Sega Master System online Play retro games

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Astro Warrior Astro Warrior Review

The Devil Star Imperial Forces have established a base on and invaded the Alpha Kentowry system. The Solar System Allied Forces have entrusted their Warrior, aboard The Astoro Raider, to attack the invasion force and destroy their mother ship.


Astro Warrior Astro Warrior Review

The game is a top down shooter, taking place through three levels with a boss at the end of each. Astro Warrior's three levels have many different kinds of enemies that attack in various patterns. The stages have no obstacles. Power-ups can be collected by shooting targets on the ground. These include ship speed increase, a stronger laser weapon, and two Gradius-style options. Capturing Weapons Supply Ships increases the Astro Raider's speed and firing ability. The player starts with three lives, and if all are lost, the game is over. If the player dies, all power-ups are lost.


Astro Warrior Astro Warrior USA All sides Scans SMS Power

Astro Warrior was re-released as Sapo Xulé: SOS Lagoa Poluída by Tec Toy in Brazil in 1996. The game was also released in Portugal. Sapo Xulé: SOS Lagoa Poluída is based on a popular Brazilian 1980s toy, and set underwater, with the Astoro Raider replaced with a submarine.


Astro Warrior Play Astro Warrior Sega Master System online Play retro games

GameFreaks 365 heavily criticised the game, citing the background, "worthless" bosses, and the game being too generic, but complimented the "nicely done" colourful presentation. IMPLANTgames criticised the lack of variety, the mediocre enemies, but complimented the music. German magazine Happy Computer praised the graphics, calling them truly remarkable, and saying the system's colourful sprite varieties are exploited.

Astro Warrior


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