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Asthenosoma varium

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Echinothuriidae
Genus  Asthenosoma
Order  Echinothurioida
Superorder  Diadematacea
Phylum  Echinodermata
Rank  Species
Subclass  Euechinoidea

Similar  Astropyga radiata, Periclimenes colemani, Zebrida, Asthenosoma marisrubri, Astropyga

Fire urchin or asthenosoma varium

Asthenosoma varium is a sea urchin (an echinoderm, a member of the phylum that also includes star fish). Growing up to 22 cm (8.7 in) in diameter, it lives on sand and rubble sea bottoms in the Indo-Pacific, from the Red Sea to Australia and Southern Japan. Its venom tipped spines, with distinctive globular swellings below the tip, can inflict a painful sting if handled; the pain lasts as long as several hours. This capacity, perhaps coupled with its reddish-brown color, has given it the common name Fire Urchin.


Asthenosoma varium Asthenosoma varium Benjamin Naden Flickr

It plays host to the commensal shrimp Periclemenes colemani and the zebra crab, Zebrida adamsii.

Fire urchin asthenosoma varium at aquarium of the pacific

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