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Assemblage 23

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Years active  1988–present
Assemblage 23 Assemblage 23 Hotel Congress
Origin  Seattle, Washington, United States
Genres  Futurepop Industrial music Electro-industrial Synthpop Electronic body music
Labels  Gashed! Metropolis Accession Records
Members  Tom Shear, Paul Seegers, Kevin Choby

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Assemblage 23 is an electronic act from the United States, currently based in Seattle. It was founded in 1988 by Tom Shear who writes the music and lyrics and does the recording himself.


Assemblage 23 In Conversation Assemblage 23 Bruise

Assemblage 23 storm full album 10 tracks lyrics hd audio

1980s–1990s (Pre-Assemblage 23)

Assemblage 23 Assemblage 23 to prepare new 39Endure39 album as a deluxe 2CD set

Prior to starting Assemblage 23, Shear experimented with music under the name Man on a Stage, beginning in the early 1980s. Most of Shear's music at this point was instrumental, as he lacked the confidence to sing; the quality of the music itself was highly questionable by his own admission. Shear eventually began to add vocals to his music; at the same time, Shear was also playing bass in a live band called the Advocates.

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Assemblage 23 was officially born in 1988, after Shear experienced the industrial dance music played by an opening DJ for Depeche Mode. The style of this genre deeply impressed Shear; he believed he had finally found the sort of sound he wanted for his music. Even so, the project was more of a hobby for Shear at this point; it took until 1998 for Assemblage 23 to gather enough positive acclaim to attract the attention of record labels.

Late 1990s – early 2000

Assemblage 23 Assemblage 23 Chain DLK

Shear signed a deal in 1999 with the Canadian label Gashed! for a full-length album (Contempt, released in November 1999). A second album, Failure, followed in March 2001 and was released by Gashed in North America and Accession Records in Europe. A single from Failure, "Disappoint", was released on Accession in October 2001. The song dealt with Shear's sense of loss after his father's suicide on October 28, 1999 and features a sample from the film In the Line of Fire.

Assemblage 23 Music Review Assemblage 23 Compass Critical Mass

After falling out with Gashed Records following Failure, Shear signed with US label Metropolis Records (US) later in 2001; Metropolis re-released Contempt and Failure in November. A remix release, Addendum, was also released in November only on Accession. By this point, Assemblage 23 had become fairly popular within the EBM genre; the third album, Defiance, was released in October 2002 on Metropolis and Accession, preceded by the single "Document", in September of that year.

Assemblage 23 released a fourth album, Storm, in October 2004 with singles "Let the Wind Erase Me" in August and "Ground" in November.

Mid 2000 – present

In March 2007, Assemblage 23 released a new single, "Binary", which debuted at No. 21 on the Billboard US singles chart, preceding the album Meta, released in April 2007.

Also in 2007 saw the release of "Early Rare & Unreleased" which is a collection of 14 Assemblage 23 tracks taken from the years 1988–1998. In 2009, "Early Rare & Unreleased Volume Two" was released.

Assemblage 23 performed at Montreal's Kinetik Festival in May 2009. In September 2009, Assemblage 23 released the single "Spark," followed by its sixth studio album Compass.

On on June 12, 2012, Assemblage 23 released the album "Bruise."

The latest album, "Endure" was released on August 28, 2016, and, in October 2016, Assemblage 23 began a nationwide tour in support of the album.

Demo cassette

  • Demo, Fall 1998 – (CS demo) 1998 – no label
  • Studio albums

  • Contempt – (CD album) 1999 – Gashed! • (CD album) 2000 – Accession Records • (CD album) 2001 – Metropolis
  • Failure – (CD album) 2001 – Gashed!, Metropolis, Accession Records
  • Defiance – (CD album) 2002 – Metropolis, Accession Records • (CD album) 2005 – Irond
  • Storm – (CD album) 2004 – Metropolis, Accession Records • (CD) 2005 – Irond
  • Meta – (CD album) 2007 – Metropolis, Accession Records, Irond
  • Compass – (CD album) Oct. 2009 – Metropolis, Accession Records, Irond
  • Bruise – (CD album) June 2012– Metropolis, Accession Records, Irond
  • Endure – (CD album) 2016
  • Remix albums, EPs

  • Addendum – (CD) 2001 – Accession Records
  • Early, Rare, and Unreleased collections

  • Early, Rare & Unreleased 1988–1998 – (CD, Ltd. Edition) 2007 – 23db
  • Early, Rare & Unreleased: Volume Two – (CD, Ltd. Edition) 2009 – 23db
  • Singles

  • "Disappoint" – (CD, Maxi) 2001 – Accession Records
  • "Document" – (CD Maxi) 2002 – Accession Records
  • "Let the Wind Erase Me" – (CD Maxi) 2004 – Metropolis, Accession Records
  • "Ground"– (CD Maxi) 2004 – Metropolis, Accession Records
  • "Binary" – (CD Maxi) 2007 – Metropolis, Accession Records
  • "Spark" – (CD Maxi) Sept. 2009 – Metropolis, Accession Records
  • Songs

    Let Me Be Your Armor2001
    DisappointFailure · 2001
    Let the Wind Erase MeStorm · 2004


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