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Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Chrysomelidae
Tribe  Aspidimorphini
Genus  Aspidimorpha
Order  Beetle
Class  Insecta
Subfamily  Cassidinae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Species
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Similar  Aspidimorpha, Beetle, Charidotella, Aspidimorpha miliaris, Golden tortoise beetle

Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis, sometimes called the Golden Tortoise Beetle (a common name which refers to other species elsewhere), is an Old World species of beetle belonging to the family Chrysomelidae.



Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis can reach a length of about 14 mm. This beetle shows a golden reflection in the discs of the elytra and prothorax, and a characteristic pattern with well developed posterolateral and humeral spots on the explanate elytral margin. It is active in the rainy season, with diapause in winter and summer. Both adults and larvae feed on Convolvulaceae, mainly on Ipomoea species. In Manipur (N.E. India), it is locally known as "Sandrembi" and "Cheishra".


This species can be found in the Southeastern Asia (China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, North East India, Vietnam, Indonesia).


Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis Wikipedia

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