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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Perissodactyla
Scientific name  Asinus
Rank  Subgenus
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Equidae
Higher classification  Equus
Asinus sna Equus asinus
Similar  Equus, African wild ass, Onager, Horses, Mammal

Equs asinus

Asinus is a subgenus of Equus (single-toed (hooved) grazing animal) that encompasses several subspecies of Equidae commonly known as asses, characterized by long ears, a lean, straight-backed build, lack of a true withers, a coarse mane and tail, and a reputation for considerable toughness and endurance.


Asinus Equus asinus somalicus Somali wild ass male ZooChat

The common donkey is the best-known domesticated representative of the subgenus, with both domesticated and feral varieties. Among the wild ass species are several never-domesticated species that live in Asia and Africa.

Asinus Meet The Equidae Family Equus amp Asinus The Equinest

Somali wild ass equus asinus somalicus


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  • Genus: Equus
  • Subgenus: Asinus
  • African wild ass, Equus africanus
  • Nubian wild ass, Equus africanus africanus
  • Somali wild ass, Equus africanus somaliensis
  • Donkey, Equus africanus asinus
  • Atlas wild ass, †Equus africanus atlanticus (extinct)
  • Onager or Asiatic wild ass, Equus hemionus
  • Mongolian wild ass or khulan, Equus hemionus hemionus
  • Indian wild ass or khur, Equus hemionus khur
  • Turkmenian kulan, Equus hemionus kulan
  • Persian onager or gur, Equus hemionus onager
  • Syrian wild ass or hemippe, †Equus hemionus hemippus (extinct)
  • Kiang or Tibetan wild ass, Equus kiang
  • Western kiang, Equus kiang kiang
  • Eastern kiang, Equus kiang holdereri
  • Southern kiang, Equus kiang polyodon
  • Northern kiang, Equus kiang chu
  • Equus calobatus, Stilt-legged onager
  • Equus hydruntinus, European ass
  • Equus tau, Pygmy onager

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