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Asian box turtle

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Testudines
Subfamily  Geoemydinae
Higher classification  Geoemydinae
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Geoemydidae
Scientific name  Cuora
Rank  Genus
Asian box turtle Asian Box Turtles for sale from The Turtle Source
Lower classifications  Chinese box turtle, Golden coin turtle, Amboina box turtle, Indochinese box turtle, Yellow‑headed box turtle

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Asian box turtles are turtles of the genus Cuora in the family Geoemydidae. There are about 12 species. The keeled box turtle (Pyxidea mouhotii syn. Cuora mouhotii) is often included in this genus, or separated in the monotypic genus Pyxidea. Genus Cuora is distributed from China to Indonesia and the Philippines, throughout mainland south-east Asia and into nothern India and even Buthan.


Asian box turtle South Asian box turtle videos photos and facts Cuora amboinensis

Asian box turtles


Asian box turtle South Asian box turtle videos photos and facts Cuora amboinensis

Cuora species are characterized by a low (e.g. Cuora pani) to high (e.g. Cuora picturata) domed shell, which usually has three keels on the carapace. They are reddish, yellowish, brown, grey, and/or black in color. Some species have bright yellow, black, orange, or white stripes down the length of their keels. Their body color is highly variable, but usually very intense. Most species show stripes of variable color down either side of their heads, which usually meet at the nose.


Asian box turtle South Asian box turtle photo Cuora amboinensis G24282 ARKive

Asian box turtles are terrestrial, semiaquatic or mainly aquatic, most spending much of their time on the edge of shallow swamps, streams or pond that are dense with vegetation. Most are omnivorous, but carnivores do occur.

Taxonomy and systematics

Listed alphabetically by binomial name. Cuora]. The Reptile Database

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  • Amboina box turtle, C. amboinensis (four subspecies)
  • Amboina box turtle, C. a. amboinensis
  • Javanese box turtle, C. a. couro
  • Malayan box turtle, C. a. kamaroma
  • Lineated amboina box turtle, C. a. lineata
  • Yellow-headed or golden-headed box turtle, Cuora aurocapitata or C. (pani) aurocapitata
  • Bourret's box turtle, C. bourreti
  • Vietnamese three-striped box turtle, Cuora cyclornata (two subspecies)
  • Chinese box turtle, yellow-margined box turtle, or snake-eating turtle, C. flavomarginata (three subspecies)
  • Indochinese box turtle or Indochinese flowerback box turtle, C. galbinifrons
  • McCord's box turtle, C. mccordi
  • Keeled box turtle, C. mouhotii (two subspecies)
  • Pan's box turtle, C. pani = "C. chriskarannarum"
  • Southern Vietnamese box turtle, C. picturata
  • Golden coin turtle or Chinese three-striped box turtle, C. trifasciata
  • Yunnan box turtle, C. yunnanensis - rediscovered in 2004, verified in 2007.
  • Zhou's box turtle, C. zhoui = "C. pallidicephala"

  • Asian box turtle Asian Box Turtles Box Turtles

    Cuora serrata, originally described as C. galbinifrons serrata by Iverson & Mccord and later considered a distinct species are hybrids of the keeled box turtle and taxa of the Indochinese box turtle complex as shown by the genetic studies of Parham et al. and Stuart & Parham (2004). A single specimen of C. serrata has been found in the wild, lending credence to the possibility that other specimens arose through natural hybridization or even from wild populations. No Chinese turtle farm is known to produce C. serrata-like specimens. The occurrence of wild hybrids is often regarded as "evolution in progress", a terminology and point of view that is not always accepted. It has yet to be confirmed, whether all C. serrata from the wild have originated by direct hybridization of C. mouhotii and C. galbinifrons, or also by "hybridisation" of C. serrata × C. serrata.

    Unnamed hybrids of several other Cuora taxa are also known, as are intergeneric hybrids such as Mauremys iversoni, a hybrid between Cuora trifasciata and Mauremys mutica which are intentionally produced in Chinese turtle farms.

    In captivity

    Wild-caught C. amboinensis specimens were frequently available in the exotic animal trade, but are getting rarer now; other species are rare to commercially extinct.


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