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Ashy gecko

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Squamata
Family  Gekkonidae
Scientific name  Sphaerodactylus elegans
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Suborder  Sauria
Genus  Sphaerodactylus
Higher classification  Sphaerodactylus
Ashy gecko AshyGecko
Similar  Sphaerodactylus, Ocellated gecko, Reptile, Reef gecko, Fantastic least gecko

New cabinet gecko terrarium vivarium ashy geckos macrolepis geckos

The ashy gecko (Sphaerodactylus elegans) is a species of gecko native to Cuba (including Isla de la Juventud) and Hispaniola (Haiti, including Gonâve Island and Grand Cayemite). It is a small species, dark in color with many white spots. It is also a good climber. Ashy geckos have been introduced in southern Florida, and have well established populations.


Ashy gecko Wild Herps Ashy Gecko Sphaerodactylus elegans

There are two subspecies:

  • Sphaerodactylus elegans elegans Macleay, 1834 — Cuba
  • Sphaerodactylus elegans punctatissimus Duméril and Bibron, 1836 — Haiti
  • Ashy gecko eating a fruit fly

    Ashy gecko Ashy Gecko Sphaerodactylus elegans is a small species of g Flickr
    Ashy gecko wwwkingsnakecombloguploadsAshyGecko2jpg
    Ashy gecko kingsnake blog Kingsnakecom Blog A Search for the Ashy Gecko
    Ashy gecko kingsnake blog Kingsnakecom Blog Ashy Gecko An elfin interloper
    Ashy gecko kingsnake blog Kingsnakecom Blog A Search for the Ashy Gecko


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