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Ashleys Copse

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Ashleys Copse

Ashley's Copse is the site of an Iron Age hillfort near to Salisbury. The Hampshire Wiltshire border runs right through the middle of this site. The site is half wooded, and here can be found the best preserved earthworks, but there is also visible evidence of some of the earthworks on the eastern spur of the hill. To the Southeast of the fort lies a steep valley, forming a natural defense. The flanks to the North and East are also tightly contoured. The ground on the other aspects slopes less steeply. The fort site itself is not located on the summit of the (unnamed) hill, but lies slightly to the East of the 166m AOD summit, at between 155m and 160m AOD.


Map of Ashley's Copse, Salisbury, UK


The site is to the Northeast of the village of Middle Winterslow, and falls mostly within the county of Hampshire, and partly within the county of Wiltshire.

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