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Genre  Drama
Directed by  Mohammed Ehteshamuddin
Original language(s)  Urdu
Written by  Mustafa Afridi
Country of origin  Pakistan
Starring  Sania Saeed Ainy Jaffri Salman Shahid Noor Hassan Rizvi Sakina Sammo Farah Shah Farooq Zameer Yasir Shoro Eshita Mehboob

Aseer Zadi (English: Daughter of a prisoner) or (Qaidi) is a Pakistani drama serial written by Mustafa Afridi directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and produced by Momina Duraid that was broadcast on Hum TV. The drama started on 17 August 2013 and went off-air on 25 January 2014. It featured an ensemble star cast consisting of Sania Saeed, Ainy Jaffri, Sakina Samo, Salman Shahid, Farah Shah, Noor Hassan Rizvi, Eshita Mehboob, Yasir Shoro, Saniya Shamshad, Saife Hassan and Farooq Zameer in prominent roles.


The show is selected to run on Hum Europe from 18 July 2016.

The show was also selected to run on Indian Channel Zindagi and was aired from 2 May 2015 Mon-Sat 8:00pm under the name "Pyar Ka Haq" before it was renamed as "Bandini" but this decision was later changed. This show finishes its run on 20 June 2015 in India.


"Aseer Zadi" is a story about a family that prides itself in its traditions and all the men of the family have married thrice since their first and second wives were not capable of bearing them children. The family only thinks that the third wife can give birth to a child and even if first or second wife gives birth to a child, the child is killed. The head of the family Great Peer marries Amna who becomes pregnant but her child is killed. He marries Naseem who is incapable and finally he marries Bari Sarkar who gives birth to a boy Shahaab while Amna and Naseem are treated as Living Deadbodies wearing only a white suit. Many years pass and Shahaab has grown up. The same is going to happen with him but he hates this principle. His third wife will be Fatima, daughter of Bari Sarkar's brother. Bari Sarkar loves her more than Shahaab but Shahaab hates her. Fatima always teases Amna and Naseem. Shahaab is married to Yasmeen but as she could not bear a child, he is being married to Maira. Maira at first rejects because of the family principle which makes Amna and Naseem happy. Although Maira and Yasmeen are wives of the same man, they are good friends. Shahaab starts liking Maira whereas Maira's cousin Bilal calls her at her in-laws house. Fatima manipulates the situation in such a way that Shahaab starts doubting Maira. Bari Sarkar abuses Maira but Peer Jalal supports Maira. Seeing both of them alone, Amna suspects an affair between them which creates misunderstanding between Peer Jalal and Bari Sarkar but all that is resolved as Amna was thinking wrong. Maira and Shahaab have a nice relationship. They both go for a honeymoon. Now Shahaab has to marry Fatima. He comes back but Maira faints so he goes back and doesn't come till 1 am. On the other hand, the doctor says to Shahaab that Maira is pregnant. When he tells the truth to Bari Sarkar, she throws Maira in a room. Bari Sarkar says that she will take her to a doctor. But Amna warns Maira by saying what had happened with her. Amna starts blackmailing Peer Jalal while Naseem abuses Peer Jalal and Bari Sarkar by saying the incident which happened with Amna.She says what happened with me should not happen to Maira. He agrees. On the other hand, Shahaab calls Dr. Mehrunnisa in their home. While Naseem says to Amna that you have taken advantage of this situation but Amna says that she has done right. Bari Sarkar goes to her brother's house for forgiveness but to no avail while Fatima supports Bari Sarkar. Upon hearing the truth, Bari Sarkar is shocked. Fatima starts crying while Maira makes fun of Fatima. Yasmeen comes and threatens Maira by saying that you are just pregnant there is no full guarantee that you will give birth to this child. Maira is shocked by Yasmeen's behaviour Now Amna, Naseem and Yasmeen are no more living dead bodies who wear white suits as widow but wearing expensive colourful suits. Yasmeen lures towards Shahaab which makes Maira suspicious. Her mother tells her to keep some distance from Yasmeen. At first she ignores, but later believes. While coming from her mother's home to her in-laws house. , she forgets the cloth which is compulsory for all the girls of the house and so Bari Sarkar is furious at her. Maira taunts her by saying that her husband has no problem so whats her problem. Shahaab is angry with Maira. Bari Sarkar, in anger, leaves the house and goes to her brother Sikandar's house. Fatima supports Bari Sarkar which makes Sikandar angry. Shahaab comes to take Bari Sarkar but Fatima refuses by saying that if anyone from the mansion comes to pick Bari Sarkar, he/she should be thrown out of the house. Peer Jalal creates problems between Maira and Shahaab by saying that the child in Maira's womb does not belong to Shahaab. Maira goes to her house where Bilal tells Maira to go in her in-laws house which makes Maira angry. He calls her 2 times and then again her phone rings she thinks its Bilal and she abuses Bilal but it is of Shahaab .Maira becomes tensed. Now Naseem starts behaving as the Bari Sarkar of the house. Fatima takes care of Bari Sarkar and goes to bring breakfast. Bari Sarkar sees her laptop as an audio clip is opened and she presses the Play Button. She hears that Fatima has insulted Shahaab and is happy. She feels dejected as she had loved her more than anyone and she betrayed her by saying that no one has come to pick her up. She goes to her house but now she is no more arrogant and a vamp but a good woman . She comes to know about Peer Jalal's lies and tells Shahaab to pick Maira. While Yasmeen wants a child from Shahaab, Amna requests Naseem to forgive Peer Jalal and finally she forgives him. Maira meanwhile is angry with Shahaab so Bari Sarkar consoles her. On the other hand, Fatima goes mentally ill. So Sikandar vows to take revenge from Maira. Yasmeen's jealousy is increased so much that she asks divorce from Shahaab but he doesn't give her. Maira tells Shahaab to spend some time with Yasmeen as she is also his wife. Maira is going to the doctor so Bari Sarkar also joins her. Peer Jalal calls Sikander that this is the right time as Maira is going out.Bari Sarkar says to Maira that both boy and girl are same Meanwhile, Sikandar shoots the car in which Maira is going and sees a blooded hand. He is very happy. Shahaab gets a call and he and Yasmeen go to hospital where it comes to know that Bari Sarkar had got the bullet not Maira and that Bari Sarkar is dead. Amna, Naseem, Maira, Yasmeen and Shahaab are shocked. Peer Jalal commits suicide. Many years have passed and Maira has three kids-two sons and one daughter. Yasmeen on the other hand is unhappy so Maira gives her son to Yasmeen forever. Yasmeen is very happy. When Shahaab asks Maira that what should be our daughter's name, she replies that it will be Zeenat Shahabuddin as this was Bari Sarkar's original name. Maira and Shahaab live happily forever.


  • Sania Saeed as Bari Sarkar/Zeenat Shahabuddin, Peer's third wife, Shahaab's mother and Fatima's paternal aunt
  • Ainy Jaffri as Maira, Shahaab's second wife
  • Farooq Zameer as Maira's father
  • Noor Hassan Rizvi as Shahaab, Maira's husband and Bari Sarkar's son. Hates Fatima
  • Salman Shahid as Peer Jalal
  • Sakina Sammo as Amna, Peer's ex-wife
  • Farah Shah as Naseem, Peer's ex-wife
  • Eshita Mehboob as Yasmeen, Shahaab's first wife
  • Sania Shamshad as Fatima, Bari Sarkar's niece.Likes Shahaab.Always ridicules Amna and Naseem
  • Yasir Shoro as Bilal, Maira's paternal cousin and love interest
  • Saif e Hasan as Bari Sarkar's brother and Fatima's father
  • Mehak Ali as Fatima's mother
  • Humera Zaheer as Firdous, Blial's mother and Maira's paternal aunt
  • Ghazala Javed as Maira's mother
  • Awards

    Being a popular serial, Aseerzadi was nominated for 8 categories at the 2nd Hum Awards but had 13 nominations. The role of Sania Saeed was appreciated and was nominated thrice while Sakina Samo left an everlasting impact on the minds of the people. Although it had 13 nominations, it could only win 3 awards due to Zindagi Gulzar Hai.


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