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Asda Mobile

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Type  Subsidiary
Area served  United Kingdom
Founded  April 2007
Industry  Telecommunication
Owner  Walmart
Headquarters  United Kingdom
Parent organization  Asda Stores Limited
Asda Mobile httpswwwbroadbandchoicescoukremoteccumbra
Products  Mobile telecommunications products and services

Asda Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the United Kingdom, operated by Asda, using the EE network. Asda Mobile previously used the Vodafone network until December 2013. Asda Mobile is available in over 360 stores across the UK and online through purchasing either a SIM Card (Standard, Micro or Nano SIM) or through an Asda Mobile handset.



Asda Mobile operates a single tariff which can have one of five bundles added onto it.

Standard Tariff
This table outlines the standard cost paid by any Asda Mobile customer unless a bundle option is added. (Note prices are based through the EE Network - October 2013)

Bundles are an option Asda Mobile customers can choose to add to make savings based on the standard costs. (Note prices are based through the EE Network - June 2016).

  • £5, 100 mins, 2000 texts, 100mb data
  • £7, 300 mins, Unlimited texts, 500 mb
  • £10, 600 mins, Unlimited texts, 1.5GB data
  • £15, 1000 mins, Unlimited texts, 3GB data
  • £20, 2000 mins, Unlimited texts, 6GB data
  • Talk and Text, 200 mins, 2000 texts
  • All of the bundles last for 30 days. ASDA Customers can also get the recurring bundles, which means that as soon as they activate any of the recurring bundles, they will automatically have the it renewed every 30 days.

    There are also 4 data bundles available:

  • Data 5 - 500 mb data
  • Data 7.5 - 1024 mb data
  • Data 12.5 - 2GB data
  • Data 15 - 4GB data
  • All of the data bundles last for 30 days.

    ASDA also runs EU roaming promotions in France. It allow customers to use their phone in France as if they were in the UK. Calls and text to the rest of the world will be charged as out of bundle usage while in roaming.


    There are many phones available from Asda, either in-store, or from their online service Asda sell both unlocked and locked phones: the locked phones are locked to one of the major UK networks and sold with their SIM and potential phone customisations.


    Asda Mobile currently operates using the EE network having previously operated on the Vodafone network, but does not presently utilise the 4G network, offering 3G only.


    Asda Mobile was awarded the Which award for best mobile network for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Results based on coverage, pricing and customer service.


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