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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Tribe  Vandeae
Scientific name  × Ascocenda
Rank  Genus
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Epidendroideae
Subtribe  Aeridinae
Higher classification  Orchids
Ascocenda Ascocenda Wikipedia
Similar  Orchids, Singapore orchid, Ascocentrum, Aerides, Rhynchostylis

Vanda orchid mounted in bamboo stick with sphagnum ascocenda ampel

× Ascocenda, abbreviated as Ascda in the horticultural trade, is a man-made hybrid orchid genus resulting from a cross between Ascocentrum and Vanda (Asctm × V). It was first described in Orchid Rev. 57: 172 (1949).


Ascocenda 1000 images about Ascocenda on Pinterest Sweet peas Orchid

× Ascocenda species are common in cultivation with numerous cultivars and often combine the large flower size of the Vanda parents with the color and compactness of the Ascocentrum parents.

Ascocenda Collection of orchid photos

Most find their origin in Thailand, Myanmar, India and the Philippines.

They are evergreen compact epiphytes with an uprigh, narrow, oviform leaves. The inflorescence is an axillary cluster with 6 to 8 open flowers. They bloom twice or sometimes three times a year with long lasting flowers. The flowers are brightly colored, often overlaid with contrasting colors.

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Huge specimen of orchid ascocenda coke x vanda tessellata

Ascocenda 1000 images about Ascocenda on Pinterest Sweet peas Orchid
Ascocenda 1000 images about Orchid VandaAscocenda on Pinterest Orchid
Ascocenda Ascocenda Viraphandhu
Ascocenda Pinterest The world39s catalog of ideas
Ascocenda Ascocenda Fuchs Sunglow Toh Garden


Ascocenda Wikipedia

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