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Birth name  Nick Truch
Genres  New-age
Genre  New-age music
Origin  UK
Years active  2008–present
Albums  Zen Relaxation, Reiki Sound Essence, Tao Relaxation
Record labels  Medwyn Goodall Music, Aroshanti
Similar  Medwyn Goodall, Terry Oldfield, Guy Sweens, Dr Toast, Reema Datta

Aroshanti is the artist name used by music composer and instrumentalist Nick Truch, for his new-age genre and therapy music. Its first commercial release was in 2008.



Working with MG Music, record label of platinum record selling world musician Medwyn Goodall, Aroshanti released three solo albums 'True Reiki 2', 'Zen – searching within silence' and 'Tao -enlightened path'. He has also featured on the latest release of the gold and platinum selling series 'Medicine Woman', and followed in Terry Oldfield's footsteps by featuring on the sequel OM 2.

Aroshanti composes music from his studio based in the heart of the English Lake District, which he describes as an inspiration to him. Collecting instruments from around the world, Aroshanti is a master of the Shakuhachi, a Japanese flute.

MG Music describe his music as having a wonderful sense of grace and poetic atmosphere, which is at once peaceful and perfect for meditation, healing

and deep relaxation. "He is essentially the next generation following in the footsteps of artists like Terry Oldfield, and Deuter. Having already performed on Medicine Woman IV, OM2, Reiki II, Aroshanti is a talent to greatly anticipate with every new release."

The Journal of Spiritual Awakening, Light of Consciousness, describes Aroshanti's 'True Reiki 2' album as transcending musical genres as it transports listeners to a place of calm and healing. The spacious soundscapes hint of different places around the world including India, Tibet, Native American and Japan. "This music is perfect for therapies of all kinds and recommended for relaxation at home and office, and to reduce stress."

Originally starting out as a percussionist and synth keyboard artist, Aroshanti has become a collector and master of several world ethnic flutes ranging from the Japanese Shakuhachi, to the Indian Bansuri, to the Chinese Dizi, to the Native American flute.

On his website Aroshanti describes his music as a means of escape and a key to bringing back the time we lose in our busy pace of life. "To focus on one's self is to give time back to who you are and only at this point can we truly heal ourselves and replenish our energy levels. This is the space I get inspired in and then try to translate it into sound."


Truch has said that the word Aroshanti comes from two words from ancient and sacred scripts:

  • Roshan – An Arabic word meaning bright or shining
  • Shanti – A Sanskrit word used in the sacred languages of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism meaning a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace
  • Together the word Aroshanti is intended to mean a bright inner peace blessing.


  • 2006 – Reiki Sound Essence
  • 2007 – Clearzone Sound Essence
  • 2008 – Samurai (under Oshari artist name)
  • 2009 – True Reiki 2
  • 2009 – Medicine Woman IV : Prophecy 2012 (featuring Aroshanti on shakuhachi flute)
  • 2009 – OM 2 (featuring Aroshanti on flute)
  • 2009 – Zen searching within silence
  • Songs

    Choir of HeavenOM 2 · 2006
    Path to TaoTao Relaxation · 2013
    Seed of PotentialTao Relaxation · 2013


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