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Arnulf of Sens

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Arnulf Sens

Arnulf of Sens(ca.794 - April, 841) was a Frankish noble, an illegitimate son of the 16 year old Prince Louis the Pious, the son of the Carolingian King Charlemagne (who would be crowned emperor in 800). His mother Theodelinde of Sens (ca.764 - 794), was 30 years old and was the daughter of Gainfroi, count of Sens and Theidlindis de Blois. He had one sister, Alpaïs de Paris, abbess of St-Pierre de Reims. In 794 A.D., Arnulf's mother Theodelinde of Sens was dead. His grandfather Charlemange died in 814 at age 72, and his father, Louis, became Emperor.3 years later in 817, Arnulf, aged 23, was appointed count of Sens in Burgundy. He was the first son of Louis the Pious, but he did not inherit land because he was illegitimate. In April 841, a year after his father had died at the age of 62,he died at Sens (just before the Treaty of Verdun between his fathers legitimate surviving sons).


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