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Arno und die Morgencrew

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Arno und die Morgencrew (English: Arno and the Morning Crew) is the morning show of the Berlin radio station 104.6 RTL. It broadcasts weekdays from 5:00 – 10:00 in the morning. Each Saturday, a summary of the week follows in a “best-of” show from 12:00 – 2:00 in the afternoon. The host of the show is Arno Müller, who is also the director of programming of 104.6 RTL. His co-host has been Katja Desens since 1995.



Arno und die Morgencrew is a morning show in the same vein as American morning radio shows, with a lot of comedy and multiple hosts, sidekicks, traffic pilots, sweepstakes, listener participation, as well as promotions, like “Smash Your Bathroom” or “Ex or Marriage”.

Within nine months, the show became the leader in listeners in the Berlin market according to the German Media-Analyse, and pointed the way for the German radio scene. Arno und die Morgencrew is one of the most copied shows in Germany.

Once a year, Arno und die Morgencrew broadcasts from Majorca. Other overseas broadcasts were made from Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Greece, Dubai, Turkey, and Thailand.

Comedies and categories

  • Burhan Yilmaz (Crazy phone)
  • Der kleine Nils (English: Little Nils) (Crazy phone)
  • Opa Kurt (English: Grandpa Kurt) (Crazy phone)
  • Jürgen Kerbel (Crazy phone)
  • Marie aus Paris (English: Marie from Paris) (Crazy phone)
  • Phillip von Senftleben – the world champion of flirting
  • Supermerkel
  • Daily Wowi
  • Unrequested demand
  • Agathe Bauer Songs
  • 365 things that you must have done in Berlin and Brandenburg before you die
  • Crew vs. You
  • The Morning Crew on hold
  • Christmas wishes
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • From 0 to 100
  • Loyalty test
  • Bavaria wakes up
  • Awards

  • 1993/1994 Research Group Samurai Award on the NAB in Los Angeles, Arno Müller
  • 1993 Bild Newspaper “Radio Man of the Year”, Arno Müller
  • 2005 German Radio Award, The Best German Morning Show
  • 2008 Radio Award, Agathe Bauer Songs
  • 2008 Radio Award, Ausbildung für alle (English:Education for All)
  • 2011 Golden Lion, 20 Years at RTL, Arno Müller
  • 2012 German Radio Award, Life’s Work in Hosting, Arno Müller
  • References

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