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Nga erdhi fjala arnaut

Arnaut (Ottoman Turkish: آرناﺌود) is a Turkish term used to denote Albanians. In modern Turkish the term is used as Arnavut (pl. Arnavutlar). The term persists in the Turkish word for Albania, Arnavutluk (literally, "the place of the Albanians").


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Ottoman mercenary formations were also called Arnauts, though this was a generic name, as the mercenaries were composed of Greeks, Albanians, Bulgarians and Serbs, who served as bodyguards. In the Danubian Principalities, it was also used to denote various mercenary units.

Arnaut JeanLeon Gerome

In Ukraine, Albanians who lived in Budzhak and later also settled in the Azov Littoral of Zaporizhia Oblast are also known as Arnauts. The city of Odessa has two streets Great Arnaut Street and Little Arnaut Street.

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Surnames derived from the word

  • al-Arnaut Arabic: ارناؤوطي, ارناؤوط, ارناوطي‎‎
  • Arnautović and Arnautić (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Arnaudov (Macedonian)
  • Arnaoutis (Greek)
  • Arnautov or Arnaudov (Bulgarian)
  • Arnăutu (Romanian).
  • Arnautski (Yiddish)
  • Arnaut (Portuguese)

  • Arnaut JeanLeon Gerome
    Arnaut Arnaut from Cairo 1867 JeanLeon Gerome oil painting reproduction
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