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Army Surgeon

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Director  A. Edward Sutherland
Music director  Roy Webb
Country  United States
5.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Romance, War
Running time  1h 3m
Language  English
Army Surgeon movie poster
Writer  Barry Trivers, Emmet Lavery
Release date  December 4, 1942 (1942-12-04) (U.S.)
Based on  a story by John Twist
Screenplay  Emmet Lavery, Barry Trivers
Cast  James Ellison (Capt. James Mason), Jane Wyatt (Elizabeth Ainsley), Kent Taylor (Lt. Philip Harvey), Walter Reed (Dr. Bill Drake), James Burke (Brooklyn), George Cleveland (Col. John Wishart)
Similar movies  Jane Wyatt and others appear in Army Surgeon and The Navy Comes Through

From orphan to army surgeon general

Army Surgeon is a 1942 American film about a female surgeon who pretends to be a nurse so she can serve on the front line in World War I.



According to RKO records, the film made a loss of $46,000.


Doctor Elizabeth Ainsley (Jane Wyatt) learns about an opening and lies about her occupation to be reassigned to a French army hospital to work alongside Capt. James 'Jim' Mason (James Ellison).

When Dr Elizabeth Ainsley arrives she finds that Capt. James Mason is not happy with there being no supplies. He calls her in to his office and he says that he does not understand why they sent her up here because in his letter he ask for a male nurse and she replies that it is routine and says that she is trained in shrapnel and the brain.She tells him she is not married and not anything.When 4 wounded men come in Dr. Mason tells her to get ready and put on her thing he also says he will find out if she knows anything or not. but Col. John Wishart (George Cleveland) want let him due to Army regulation but Doctor Elizabeth Ainsley convinces him to let Dr.Mason establish a hospital but Mr. Wishart tells her he is going to send her a copy of Army regulation.

Dr. Mason wants to establish a hospital at the front lines but Col. John Wishart (George Cleveland) won't let him due to Army regulations. Doctor Elizabeth Ainsley convinces him to let Dr.Mason establish a hospital but Mr. Wishart tells her he is going to send her a copy of Army regulation.

Dr. Mason tells them to pack their belongings because he reassigned to the front lines. When they get there they start to get more victims then they were getting. While Dr. Mason is working in the vegetable garden enemy planes fly over but an American plane comes out of nowhere and starts to shoot them down but before he can get them all he is shot down as he comes down Dr. Ainsley and Dr. Mason watch but run to his aid when he hits the ground when they get him out of the plane he is alive but Dr. Ainsley recognizes him as Lt. Philip 'Phil' Harvey (Kent Taylor). Later on Dr. Ainsley notices that Dr.Mason is jealous and tells him that Lt. Philip 'Phil' Harvey is nothing to her and there is nothing between them. Dr.Drake (Walter Reed) tells Dr.Mason he is jealous.

At Christmas they find the best tree they can find and decorate it Brooklyn (James Burke) takes an instrument off the top of the doctor's head to top the tree. Lt. Philip 'Phil' Harvey flies over and drops flowers for Dr. Ainsley. the boys give Dr Ainsley a present for their gratitude as she is thanking them a man walks in and says special delivery by airplane for Miss Ainsley and it is the flowers that Lt. Philip 'Phil' Harvey dropped and Dr. Mason is not happy with the flowers or Lt. Philip 'Phil' Harvey

Dr.Mason finds out it was her who had him reassigned when one day on her way to tell something to Col. John Wishart she lets it slip and he is not happy with her. On her way out a Major tells her to take a leave and she does when she gets to town she runs into Lt. Philip 'Phil' Harvey and they decide to go to lunch when they get there they find Dr. Mason at the piano Dr.Mason tells Harvey what he thinks and says that if he wants to fight there is an alley out back and Harvey tells Dr. Mason that if he wins then he can have Miss Ainsley but Dr. Mason says Ainsley means nothing to him and he is just fighting a war and Dr. Ainsley butts in and says, "Nevermind, Phil, it is not fair to take up any more of the Captain's time".

When Dr.Ainsley and Lt. Harvey get back Dr. Mason tells them they are being evacuated and tells Dr. Ainsley to leave with the rest of them but she refuses as he picks her up to carry her out to a car a hill of dirt caves of trapping them and Lt.Harvey when they finally dig their way out Dr.Mason says we can get out all right but they are behind enemy lines. When Dr. Mason get out to get to get help he gets shot but not to bad so he lives. Brooklyn returns and tells them that the army has driven the enemy back

Years go by and at the end we find out that Dr. Mason ends up with Dr. Ainsley when Dr. Mason walks into their Boat Cabin he sees her holding a picture of them and Lt. Harvey and he says that the picture reminds him of a letter that was buried under a bunch of other things. When he hands it to her she says it is from Harvey and he says, "Now don't tell me I have gotta go through all that again." and in the note it says Lt. Harvey is now married.


  • James Ellison as Capt. James 'Jim' Mason
  • Jane Wyatt as Dr.Elizabeth 'Beth' Ainsley
  • Kent Taylor as Lt. Philip 'Phil' Harvey
  • Walter Reed as Dr. Bill Drake
  • James Burke as Brooklyn
  • George Cleveland as Col. John Wishart
  • Lee Bonnell as Ramsey
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