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Arkansas Highway 156

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East end:  AR 59 near Evansville
East end:  AR 170 in West Fork
Length  500 m
West end:  AR 265 at Hogeye
West end:  US 71 in Fayetteville
West end:  SH-100 at the Oklahoma state line
East end:  Pump Station Rd in Fayetteville

Highway 156 (AR 156, Ark. 156, and Hwy. 156) is a designation for three east–west state highways in Washington County. One segment of 0.30 miles (0.48 km) runs east from Oklahoma State Highway 100 to Highway 59 near Evansville. A second route of 4.21 miles (6.78 km) begins at Highway 265 near Hogeye and runs east to Highway 170 in West Fork. A third segment of 2.81 miles (4.52 km) begins in Fayetteville at US Highway 71 (US 71; School Ave) and runs east to Pump Station Rd.


Map of AR-156, Arkansas, USA

Oklahoma to Evansville

Highway 156 begins at SH-100 at Oklahoma state line in far southwestern Washington County. The highway runs east to Highway 59 north of Evansville where it terminates.

Hogeye to West Fork

Highway 156 begins at Highway 265 (a segment of the Butterfield Overland Mail Heritage Trail) at Hogeye in southern Washington County. The highway runs east along Hogeye Creek to Highway 170, where the route terminates. Continuing on Highway 170 east gives access to Interstate 49 (I-49) and the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop.

School Avenue to Pump Station Road

The highway begins at US 71 (School Ave) north of Drake Field in southern Fayetteville. Highway 156 runs east as Willoughby Rd near the Fayetteville Country Club before turning north and becoming City Lake Rd. The highway passes the Dromborg Castle and before terminating at Pump Station Rd just south of Highway 16.

Major intersections

The entire route is in Washington County.

Goshen to Springdale

  • Highway 45 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Goshen - Washington County Road 87 4 miles southeast of Springdale
  • Prairie Grove

    Highway 156 (AR 156, Ark. 156, Hwy. 156, and Baggett St) was an east–west Arkansas state highway of 0.37 miles (0.60 km) in Prairie Grove.

    Route description

    The highway began at US 62 west of Prairie Grove and ran south to a factory.


    Highway 156 was created upon the request of Prairie Grove to provide a state maintained road for a new factory in the town in 1980. The city later requested the highway's maintenance responsibilities be turned over to their jurisdiction, a request granted by the Arkansas State Highway Commission in 2007.

    Major intersections

    The entire route is in Prairie Grove, Washington County.


    Arkansas Highway 156 Wikipedia

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