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Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars

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Allegiance  France
Name  Aristide Du
Battles/wars  Battle of the Nile

Rank  Chef de division
Service/branch  Navy
Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Born  31 August 1760 Boumais (1760-08-31)
Died  August 1, 1798, Abu Qir, Egypt

Battles and wars  Battle of the Nile

Aristide aubert du petit thouars top 6 facts

Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars (31 August 1760, in Boumais – 2 August 1798, in Abukir; often written Dupetit-Thouars) was a French naval officer, and a hero of the Battle of Aboukir, where he died.


Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars Aristide Aubert DupetitThouars FranceArchives

He was born on August 31, 1760, in the castle of Boumais, near Saumur. He studied at the Collège Royal de La Flèche, and entered the French Navy in 1778. He participated that same year in the Battle of Ouessant. In 1790, he participated in the conquest of Saint-Louis du Sénégal.

Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars Aristide

He then served in the Antilles, under Guichen against Rodney on the 80-gun Couronne. He was at the Battle of the Saintes.

Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars LouisMarie Aubert du PetitThouars Wikipedia

He was promoted to Lieutenant (Lieutenant de Vaisseau) in 1792. He left that year on board the 12-gun brig Diligent, in search of Jean-François de La Pérouse. In Brazil, he was imprisoned by the Portuguese, but released in 1793. After that he lived for three years in the United States.

Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars Louis Aubert du Petit Thouars de Saint Georges

Back in France, he was reintegrated (he had become destitute as an aristocrat), and was promoted to Captain, commander of the Tonnant at the Battle of the Nile, where he died on August 2, 1798. During the battle, he forced HMS Majestic to break off combat, with 50 killed, including Captain Westcott, and 143 wounded. After having lost both legs and an arm, he continued to command from a bucket filled with wheat, until he died.

His last order was allegedly to nail the flag of the Tonnant to her mizzen-mast and never to surrender the ship. The Tonnant was eventually captured by the British.


  • His older brother, Louis-Marie Aubert du Petit-Thouars, was a famous botanist.
  • His nephew, Abel Aubert Dupetit Thouars, was a Navy captain who took possession of Tahiti for France.
  • His descendant, Abel Nicolas Bergasse Dupetit-Thouars participated to the Boshin War in Japan.
  • Honours

  • Six ships of the French Navy were named in his honour. See French ship Dupetit-Thouars
  • The Borough of Dushore, Pennsylvania, United States; was named in his honour; it was originally known as DuThouars.
  • References

    Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars Wikipedia

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