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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Sternoptychidae
Scientific name  Argyripnus
Rank  Genus
Class  Actinopterygii
Subfamily  Maurolicinae
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Stomiiformes
Similar  Valenciennellus, Stomiiformes, Polyipnus, Maurolicus, Sternoptyx

Argyripnus is an oceanic ray-finned fish genus which belongs in the family Sternoptychidae. They are commonly known as bristle-mouth fishes, but that may also refer to the related bristlemouth family (Gonostomatidae). A. iridescens is called "pearlside", which usually refers to the closely related genus Maurolicus.


There are currently seven recognized species in this genus:

  • Argyripnus atlanticus Maul, 1952
  • Argyripnus brocki Struhsaker, 1973 (Brock's Bristle-mouth Fish)
  • Argyripnus electronus Parin, 1992
  • Argyripnus ephippiatus C. H. Gilbert & Cramer, 1897 (Gilbert & Cramer's Bristle-mouth Fish)
  • Argyripnus hulleyi QuĂ©ro, Spitz & Vayne, 2009 (Reunion bristle-mouth fish)
  • Argyripnus iridescens McCulloch, 1926 (Brilliant Pearlside)
  • Argyripnus pharos Harold & Lancaster, 2003
  • Fossils of bristle-mouth fishes show that the genus was already distinct in the Late Oligocene, more than 23 million years ago.


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