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Argo Jati

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Service type  Inter-city rail
Locale  West Java, Indonesia
Website  www.kereta-api.co.id
Status  Operating
Current operator(s)  Kereta Api Indonesia
Argo Jati
First service  22 November 2007; 9 years ago (2007-11-22)

New Argo Jati' is a railroad executive class argo operated by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) in Java with majors from Gambir (GMR) to Cirebon (CN) and vice versa. This train was launched on November 3, 2010 as a replacement train series Argo Jati. The series of train carriage used New Argo Jati is a former Argo Jati train series that has been removed operation. New Argo Jati train departs from the Kejaksan Station and only stop at Jatibarang Station, Bekasi Station, Jatinegara Station and end the journey at Gambir Station.



On the JakartaCirebon railway line, operates two trains, the Cirebon Express Train executive-business class 3 times Round-Trip and KA Cirebon Express Top executive class 2 times Round-trip. Both trains start / end the trip at Gambir Station.

The launch of Argo for this line has already started discourse, given the demand and the decline in the prestige argo class Cirebon Express railway Main. So, Daop III Argo Jati Cirebon launched on April 12, 2007, departing at 14.00. KA is using a series of former Argo Gede i.e. K1-958xx (now K1 0 95 xx) and with the launch of this train, locomotive CC 203 01 05 (203 CC 35) was sent to Cirebon as the main puller Argo Jati. [1] now, CC 206 13 33 of Head Depot Cirebon serve as the mainstay of the train.


Launching of the New Argo Jati train was held on November 3, 2010 as a replacement train series Argo Jati which is the result of improvisation / improvement of Cirebon Express train which was inaugurated on May 13, 2005, as the forerunner of the train Argo Jati and New Argo Jati. public interest Cirebon city and surrounding areas to the executive class train services is increasing, so PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) working to improve the service class executive with a major argo Gambir Station (GMR) and from the station Cirebon.

With the operation pattern 3 times Round-trip begins early departure from Cirebon in the morning back and went back to Jakarta in the afternoon.

There are also Argo Jati Facultative belongs to Operation Area 1 Jakarta that runs every Friday-Sunday schedule from Gambir 07:30 and 12:30 from Cirebon.


There is a diverse set of trains destined for Argo Jati :

  • Already Using New Livery agreements same as Jayabaya Train after the end of the maintenance (PA) in 2015.
  • Starting February 23 Argo Jati trainset brought to Purwokerto to meet a series of Purwojaya Train. Now Argo Jati train Uses new executives carriages made in 2015.
  • Facilities

    Each train is equipped with a manual information digitally train sequence. There is also a running text , which can determine the rate of speed of trains, stations and time signature. Supplied luggage goods covered like in aircraft. And also spacious luggage space at the end of the train in order to store the goods is greater.The cabins are the latest designs give a sense of security and comfort to the passengers. Equipped TV, air conditioner, reclining seat, an outlet, a secure luggage, the toilets were clean, and service restoration by the Train Spot which gives a special feel in the course of Cirebon to Jakarta. Passenger eyes were spoiled by video and audio impressions flat TV with picture and clearer sound. In each passenger seat ergonomic and comfortable fit can be played, at the top there is a reading lamp and lighting that can be regulated by the passenger.

    The power source to recharge your laptop or cell phone battery is also available.Minimalist modified passenger window fitted with curtain pull, so that passengers feel more awake privacy. For passengers who want to smoke, has provided a special room on the train restoration. However, on the landing (part near the toilet) can be used to smoke and there has been provided a small chair as a seat. Since the enactment of the terms and conditions of rail passenger transport today, all passengers have banned smoking in all trains.Toilets are available on the train was not less comfortable with a wider space. And the most interesting in this train set, namely the network facilities Wi-Fi who were in the train dining. The wagon train is environmentally friendly in Indonesia.Since 2015, the train Argo Jati has been using a new set of results retrofit Surabaya Gubeng Railway Workshop. it's Comfort no different with the series before, which has now become the property of KA Purwojaya, but unfortunately the automatic doors in cabin train into manual, and no footrest, as well as executive train output in 2015, namely Cirebon Express new batch 2 and Argo Bromo Anggrek.


    Train fare is Rp. 140,000 - 185,000, depending on the distance, class and seating position in the train carriage, as well as certain days, such as weekends and public holidays.


    Argo Jati Trips Schedule Started according GAPEKA 2015


    Jadwal Perjalanan KA Argo Jati Facultative (Friday,Saturday and Sunday Trips)


    Argo Jati Wikipedia

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