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Are We Men or Corporals

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Director  Camillo Mastrocinque
Music director  Alessandro Cicognini
Country  Italy
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Screenplay  Toto
Language  Italian
Are We Men or Corporals movie poster
Writer  Toto, Vittorio Metz, Francesco Nelli
Release date  1955 (1955)
Cast  Totò (Toto Esposito), Paolo Stoppa (Il Caporale), Sylva Koscina (Aspirante Attrice), Pasquale De Filippo (L'operatore), Fiorella Mari (Sonia), Mara Werlen (Mimi)
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Are we men or corporals siamo uomini o caporali

Are We Men or Corporals? (Italian: Siamo uomini o caporali) is a 1955 Italian comedy film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque.


Are We Men or Corporals movie scenes


Are We Men or Corporals movie scenes

Toto is very good at acting, and so he is called in a study to be in a film. However he combines a mess and is offended by the director. Tired of the abuse of those most powerful, Toto tells him the story to the director, to let him know that he is wrong.

Are We Men or Corporals movie scenes

These are the years of the Second World War, and Toto is imprisoned in a concentration camp, suffering the harassment of Colonel Hammler, a Nazi cruel and despotic. Toto suffers patiently all the wrongs that the powerful general administers him, and he's just waiting to get out of the containment field. When the war ends, Toto is taken in a theater company, but immediately he argues with the director, because he is a vulgar American who likes women, and that he is in love with Sonia, the dear friend of Toto. Indeed Toto hopes that one day the woman asks him to marry her, but this lucky day does not come.

Are We Men or Corporals movie scenes

When Toto is hunted by the theater company for beating his director, things are looking bad for him, because Toto is penniless. And so he agrees to do an extra in a movie. Now that Toto leaves the studio shooting, again he meets his old girlfriend Sonia, but she's married the director of theater...


Are We Men or Corporals movie scenes
  • Totò: Totò Esposito
  • Paolo Stoppa: The Corporal
  • Fiorella Mari: Sonia
  • Mara Werlen: Mimì
  • Sylva Koscina: Aspiring actress
  • Nerio Bernardi: Psychoanalyst
  • Vincent Barbi: Mr. Black's Secretary
  • Gino Buzzanca: Director
  • Loris Gizzi: Tenor
  • Giacomo Furia: Nerone
  • Franca Faldini: Gabriella
  • Rosita Pisano: Filomena Ossobuco
  • Vinicio Sofia: Cesarino Ossobuco
  • Gildo Bocci: Testimone
  • Salvo Libassi: Journalist
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