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Ardee railway station

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1 August 1896  Station opens
Location  Ardee, County Louth Ireland
3 June 1934  Station closes to passengers
3 November 1975  Station closes to goods
Original company  Great Northern Railway (Ireland)

Ardee was a railway station which served Ardee in County Louth, Ireland. It was the terminus of a branch which diverged from the Dublin-Belfast railway line at Dromin Junction.



The station was opened by the Great Northern Railway of Ireland in 1896. Never very prosperous, it lost its passenger services in 1934. However, goods traffic was always brisk, and this continued until the 1970s. The last scheduled service was a special in October 1975, and the line was unused after that time. The line was not officially abandoned until 1987, with the rails being 'lifted' shortly after. Today, the town is connected to the M1 with a National Route N33 to the M1, which runs parallel to the railway for along most of its length, the trackbed itself being a pleasant pedestrian walkway.

The site today

The station site is now the location of a local garage.


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