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Ardabil Khanate

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Religion  Islam
Established  1747
Preceded by  Succeeded by
Capital  Ardabil
Political structure  Khanate
Government  Khanate
Disestablished  1808
Founded  1747
Date dissolved  1808
Languages  Persian (official), Azerbaijani (Majority)

Ardabil Khanate was an 18th-19th century khanate based in Ardabil. The khanate is known as one of the Khanates of the Iranian Azerbaijan, located in Azerbaijan, which became for more than a hundred years semi-independent from the Iranian mother country.

«In Safavi times, Azerbaijan was applied to all the Muslim-ruled khanates of the eastern Caucasian as well as to the area south of the Araz River as fas as the Qezel Uzan River, the latter region being approximately the same as the modern Iranian ostans of East and West Azerbaijan.»--Muriel Atkin, Russia and Iran, 1780—1828. 2nd ed. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2008, ISBN 0-521-58336-5

List of Khans

  • Badr Khan Sarikhanbayli-Shahsevan 1747 - 1763
  • Nazarali Khan Sarikhanbayli-Shahsevan 1763 - 1792 (jointly)
  • Nasir Khan Sarikhanbayli-Shahsevan1747 - 1808 (jointly)
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