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Archideos Books is a book publisher founded in Milan, Italy in 1998. The publishing house was started by Giancarlo Gardin, an internationally known architectural photographer. Due to its founder's background, the publishing house Archideos specializes in coffee table books. Most of the pictures that illustrate these books have been taken by its founder.


The books published by Archideos focus entirely on architecture, furnishing and interior design. Over the years, all the publications have received very positive reviews both from the public and critics and have become an important term of comparison in the publishing business for books of its format. These books have been selected by the Italian designer Armani to be sold in his multi-stores.


Archideos created two collections of books: Architetti d'Oggi dedicated to the works of some of the most influential contemporary architects and Architetture dei Luoghi dedicated to the architectures of some of the most fascinating and exclusive areas in the world (such as Engadin, Switzerland; Costa Smeralda, Sardinia; and Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic).

All of the Archideos publications have been printed in several editions and translated in different languages (German, Italian, English and Spanish). Case di Sardegna, currently at its 8th edition, has sold over 20,000 copies.

Architetti d'Oggi

2003: Exclusive Villas and Resorts;

2005: Hauser in den Bergen;

2006: Caribbean Architectures;

2008: Designing Gardens;

2009: Lakeside Villas.

Architetture dei Luoghi

1999: Case di Sardegna;

2002: Case di Engadina.

New Projects

Archideos is currently working on developing several new projects that will be released in 2011:

Case di Dolomiti - will be part of the collection Architetture dei Luoghi and will describe the most exclusive architectures in the Dolomites, and especially Cortina.

Case di Corsica' - will be part of the collection Architetture dei Luoghi and will describe the most exclusive houses and gardens in the island of Corsica.

The Great Books of House and Garden - This is a completely new project for Archideos as it will have a mass distribution through book-stores, newspaper stands, internet and iPad. It is a collection of books dedicated to the different subjects of House and Garden (such as floors, windows, doors, pools, kitchens, etc...). Each number will cover two subjects and it will: (1) give many examples of all the different styles and options, (2) give a simple technical explanation of how to create the structure, (3) be an elegant book with many beautiful pictures of some of the most exclusive architectural realizations in the World.


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