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Archaeospheniscus lowei

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Aves
Family  Spheniscidae
Scientific name  Archaeospheniscus lowei
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Sphenisciformes
Genus  Archaeospheniscus
Rank  Species
Similar  Archaeospheniscus, Palaeeudyptes antarcticus, Palaeospheniscus, Paraptenodytes, Pachydyptes

Archaeospheniscus lowei, Lowe's penguin, is the type species of the extinct penguin genus Archaeospheniscus. It stood approximately 85-115 cm high, between a modern king penguin and an emperor penguin in size. It is known from bones of a single individual (Otago Museum C.47.20) and possibly some additional material such as the OM C.47.27 femur, all recovered from the Late Oligocene Kokoamu Greensand Formation (27-28 MYA) at Duntroon, New Zealand.

The species' binomen was given in honor of Percy Lowe, who researched prehistoric penguins and proposed a theory (now considered erroneous) that these birds were derived from reptiles independently of the other modern birds.


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