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Arain (Delhi)

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The Arain of Delhi are an Urdu speaking Muslim community found in Delhi, India. They are descended from the Arain community of Punjab and Sindh.. The Rayeen community of Uttar Pradesh also claim common ancestry with this community. They are also known as Choudhery ; Mistri ;Khalifa or Darogha.


History and origin

The Arain of Delhi claim descent from Rai Jaj, grandson of Lara, the mythical founder of the city of Lahore. This Jaj was the ruler of Sirsa territory, and was thus called Rai, a title used by rulers in ancient Haryana. This was latter corrupted to Arain over time. They were converted to Islam during the rule of Mohammed Ghori. However, there are other traditions that claim an Arab origin. The Arain of Delhi are said to have emigrated from Sirsa, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. A good many of the Delhi Arain emigrated to Pakistan, at the time of partition of India.

Present circumstances

The community was traditionally involved in horticulture and the selling of vegetables. They had their gardens and agriculture lands in kureni near narela, jharoda, Azadpur, Malikpur Chuni and Model Town localities. Malikpur Chuni was traditionally an Arain locality, getting its name from Malik, meaning chief, which is a common surname found among the Arain. From the 1960s onwards, the lands of the Arain have been taken over by the Delhi Development Authority. Many are involved in various trades and businesses. The community are generally prosperous, involved in the wholesale of fruits and vegetables. They speak Urdu among themselves, and Hindi with other communities.A World Arain Foundation has been formed for the welfare of Arain.


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