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Scientific name


Higher classification
Cabbage family

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Lower classifications
Arabis alpina, Arabis glabra, Arabis procurrens, Arabis blepharophylla, Arabis macdonaldiana

Arabis garden plants

Arabis /ˈɛərəbs/, or rockcress, is a genus of flowering plants, within the family Brassicaceae, subfamily Brassicoideae.


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Arabis Arabis hirsuta Wikipedia

The species are herbaceous, annual or perennial plants, growing to 10–80 cm tall, usually densely hairy, with simple entire to lobed leaves 1–6 cm long, and small white four-petalled flowers. The fruit is a long, slender capsule containing 10-20 or more seeds.


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Though traditionally recognized as a large genus with many Old World and New World members, more recent evaluations of the relationships among these species using genetic data suggest there are two major groups within the old genus Arabis. These two groups are not each other's closest relatives, so have been split into two separate genera. Most of the Old World members remain in the genus Arabis, whereas most of the New World members have been moved into the genus Boechera, with only a few remaining in Arabis.


Selected species
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  • Arabis aculeolata
  • Arabis alpina (alpine rockcress)
  • Arabis armena (Armenian rockcress)
  • Arabis blepharophylla (coast rockcress)
  • Arabis caucasica Willd.
  • Arabis cypria
  • Arabis glabra (tower mustard)
  • Arabis hirsuta (hairy rockcress)
  • Arabis kazbegi (Kazbegian rockcress)
  • Arabis kennedyae
  • Arabis lemmonii
  • Arabis macdonaldiana
  • Arabis procurrens (spreading rock cress)
  • Arabis pycnocarpa (slender rock cress)
  • Arabis serotina
  • Cultivation

    Some species, notably A. alpina, are cultivated as ornamental plants in gardens. Many others are regarded as weeds.

    Arabis FileArabis caucasica 002JPG Wikimedia Commons

    Arabis Arabis scopoliana Wikiwand

    Arabis Arabis scopoliana Wikiwand


    Arabis Wikipedia

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