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April 10 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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Apr. 9 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Apr. 11


All fixed commemorations below are observed on April 23 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.

For April 10th, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on March 28.


  • Prophetess Huldah (Olda) (IV Kings 22:14)
  • Martyrs Terence, Africanus, Maximus, Pompeius, and 36 others, including Zeno, Alexander, and Theodore, at Carthage (250)
  • Saint Miltiades, Pope of Rome (314)
  • Hieromartyrs James the Presbyter, and the Deacons Azadanes and Abdicius, of Persia (ca. 380)
  • Pre-Schism Western Saints

  • Martyrs of Rome (ca. 115)
  • Saint Palladius, Abbot of St Germanus in Auxerre, he became bishop there and founded several monasteries (661)
  • Martyrs Beocca, Ethor and others, at Chertsey Abbey, by the Danes (869)
  • Saint Bede the Younger, a court official who became a monk at the monastery of Gavello near Rovigo (883)
  • Saint Macarius of Antioch (1012)
  • Post-Schism Orthodox Saints

  • The Holy Martyrs of Kvabtakhevi Monastery (Georgia), who suffered during the invasion of Tamerlane (1386)
  • Nun-martyr Anastasia, Abbess, and 34 nuns with her, of Uglich (1609)
  • Venerable martyrs of the Daou Penteli Monastery, in Penteli, by Algerian pirate raiders, (end-17th century)
  • New Martyr Demos (Demetrios) of Smyrna (1763)
  • New Hieromartyr Gregory V, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (1821)
  • New Monk-martyr Chrysanthus of Xenophontos monastery, Mt. Athos (1821)
  • New Martyrs and Confessors

  • New Hieromartyr Flegont Pongilsky, Priest (1938)
  • Martyr Demetrius Vdovin (1942)
  • Other Commemorations

  • Consecration of Ioasaph (Bolotov) as Bishop of Kodiak, Alaska (1799)
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