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Appropriations Committee (Georgia Senate)

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The Senate Appropriations Committee is a 30 member legislative body consisting of a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, and 27 members. The Committee operates under a Senate mandate to propose legislation that allocates annual funds to state government agencies, departments, and organizations. It operates 13 subcommittees, formed by its members, to hear facts, and fulfill its legislative obligations


Scope and jurisdiction

Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee hold various assigned seats which comprise 13 subordinate subcommittees operating on the committee's behalf. They are organized to assist the committee in fulfilling its responsibilities, and to hold hearings at its behest.

The subcommittees also scrutinize legislation for a balanced budget; to give or withhold their required assent.


As of 2016, the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee are:

  • Jack Hill, chairman
  • Renee Unterman, vice chairman
  • Charlie Bethel, secretary
  • John Albers, member
  • Ellis Black, member
  • Dean Burke, member
  • Bill Cowsert, member
  • Mike Crane, member
  • Gail Davenport, member
  • Vincent Fort, member
  • Frank Ginn, member
  • Steve Gooch, member
  • Bill Heath, member
  • Hunter Hill, member
  • Judson Hill, member
  • Chuck Hufstetler, member
  • Bill Jackson, member
  • William T. Ligon, Jr., member
  • Butch Miller, member
  • Jeff Mullis, member
  • Nan Orrock, member
  • Valencia Seay, member
  • David Shafer, member
  • Freddie Powell Sims, member
  • Jesse Stone, member
  • Horacena Tate, member
  • Curt Thompson, member
  • Lindsey Tippins, member
  • John Wilkinson, member
  • Tommie Williams, member
  • Subcommittees

    As of 2016, the 13 subcommittees under the Senate Appropriations Committee are:

  • Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Community Health
  • Criminal Justice
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Fiscal Management
  • General Government
  • Higher Education
  • Human Dev. & Public Health
  • Insurance
  • Judicial
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
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