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Apadrinar en Perú

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Founded  2005
Apadrinar en Perú
Founder  Presbit. Ángel Marín Peces
Type  Non-governmental organization

Apadrinar en Perú, 'Sponsor in Peru', is a humanitarian project for social aid sponsored by Caritas.


Apadrinar en Perú, literally 'Sponsor in Peru', is a Spanish NGO of catholic confession for development, nonpartisan and associated with Caritas. It works locally with the community of Cañete, in collaboration with Caritas Yauyos in Peru, to provide social assistance through the improvement of living conditions of the vulnerable, especially the children, and affecting the causes of the poverty and inequalities. Its headquarters are located in the Parish of San Miguel Archangel Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain.

Proyecto apadrinar en per


Apadrinar en Perú is a charitable organization that works to provide humanitarian aid to children and families most in need of the population of Cañete, promoting health programs, food and education.


The operation of Sponsor in Peru is through sponsorship programs through which people of good will and encouragement to help the needy commit to monthly fees that are used to fund each one of the sponsored children and their families, especially those sensitive areas already mentioned above, health, food and education.


Currently are still many children who do not have access to basic needs such as food, education or health; some are victims of abuse, exploitation or neglect. In these circumstances it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, that these children may have and provide a decent future for themselves and their families.

The Project Sponsor in Peru seeks to change this to make a better life for these children and their families; for this, the vision short, medium and long term is to extend its coverage to cover more children and provide better and broader humanitarian aid programs.

Support location

Sponsor in Peru acts locally in the town of Cañete, Lima, Peru, promoting humanitarian aid programs focused on health, nutrition and education of disadvantaged children and their families.

Location of humanitarian work:


Sponsor in Peru has a group of 189 sponsors (and growing) for the development of its activities in Peru, since 2005. These sponsors participate by sending a monthly fee to fund their godchildren in the areas of greatest need. The sponsored in turn, send letters and photos to their sponsors to keep closer communication and for these, the godparents, to observe the progress of those they help.


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