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Any Old Port!

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Director  James W. Horne
Film series  Laurel and Hardy Series
Country  United States
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Short
Writer  H.M. Walker
Language  English
Any Old Port! movie poster
Cast  Stan Laurel (Stan), Oliver Hardy (Ollie), Julie Bishop (Bride (as Jacqueline Wells)), Walter Long (Mugsie Long, proprietor of Ye Mariner's Rest)
Release date  March 5, 1932
Music director  Marvin Hatley, Leroy Shield
Similar movies  Pacific Rim, Feast, Paperman, The Artist, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, For the Birds
Tagline  In port Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy were just home from a whaling voyage Mr. Hardy shipped as head harpooner; Mr. Laurel went along as bait.

Any Old Port! is an American 1932 Pre Code short film starring Laurel and Hardy, directed by James W.Horne and produced by Hal Roach.


Any Old Port! movie scenes

Stan and Ollie check into a seedy hotel and help a young girl escape the clutches of the landlord (Long). They are forced to flee the hotel with no money and Ollie arranges for Stan to fight at a local boxing hall for $50. Stan's opponent turns out to be Musgy who uses a loaded glove. During the fight the glove is swapped and Stan triumphs only to find that Ollie has bet their fee that he would lose.


Any Old Port! movie scenes Favourite bit During the boxing match with Walter Long Stan finds some courage when he picks up his opponent s illegally loaded glove

Sailors Laurel and Hardy disembark and book in a sleazy hotel. The owner Mugsie Long intends to marry a young girl against her wishes, but Stan and Ollie come to her rescue. After fleeing the hotel, the boys find out theyve left their money in their room, but an old pal of Ollies offers $50 if Ollie will fight in a boxing ring that night. Ollie agrees but predictably makes Stan the fighter and himself the manager. The catch is Stans opponent is Mugsie himself. Knowing how tough Mugsie is, Ollie makes a seemingly wise bet with a drunk on Mugsie to win. The drunk accepts the bet, making himself seem to Ollie a sucker. Seeing Stan as his opponent, Mugsie loads his glove with metal before the fight begins. However, during the course of the fight, Mugsie and Stan accidentally switch gloves, causing Mugsie to comically run away from Stan knowing he has the loaded glove. Stan, who doesnt realize the glove is loaded despite it weighing his arm down, manages to knock out Mugsie when he tries to pull the loaded glove off his hand and winds up knocking himself out. Ollie winces in defeat while the drunk chuckles in triumph; turns out he wasnt so much a sucker after all. Mugsies second calls a policeman and tells him Stan had been fighting with a loaded glove. Ollie is forced to give the drunk the money they received for entering the fight, to Stans consternation, until Ollie explains, "I bet on you to lose and you double-crossed me!" Stan, enraged at his own buddy and manager betting against him, starts to knock Ollie out cold...but as he draws his fist back, he accidentally knocks out the policeman investigating about the loaded glove, ironically still on his hand! Stan and Ollie flee the stadium in terror.


  • Stan Laurel
  • Oliver Hardy
  • Walter Long
  • Julie Bishop (billed as Jacqueline Wells)
  • Harry Bernard
  • Bobby Burns
  • Sam Lufkin
  • Dick Gilbert
  • Charlie Hall
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