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Anwar is the English transliteration of two Arabic names commonly used in the Arab world: the male given name ʼAnwar (أنور), meaning "luminous" or the female given name ʼAnwār (أنوار), meaning "a collection of lights". Both names may also be encountered as surnames, sometimes also with the accompanying "al" (the definite article "the") as in Al Anwar.


In Francophone countries, both names are usually transliterated as Anouar and Al Anouar with the definite article "al". The name is transliterated in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Turkey as Enver.

Given name

Notable people with the name Anwar and Anouar include:


  • Anwar (singer), Indian playback singer
  • Anwar Jibawi, Yemeni-Palestinian Viner
  • Anwar al-Awlaki, Yemeni-American cleric, al-Qaeda leader
  • Anwar El Ghazi, Dutch-Moroccan professional footballer
  • Anwar Fazal, Malaysian environmental activist
  • Anwar Haddam, leader of the Algerian Islamist Islamic Salvation Front
  • Anwar Hussain (actor) (1928-1988), Indian film actor
  • Anwar Hussain (cricketer), Pakistani cricketer
  • Anwar Ibrahim (born 1947), Malaysian politician; former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Anwar Khan (cricketer), former Pakistani cricketer
  • Anwar Maqsood, Pakistani television entertainer
  • Anwar Pervez, Pakistan-born businessman
  • Anwar Sadat, third President of Egypt
  • Anwar Shaikh, Punjabi-born Pakistani author
  • Anwar Siraj, Ethiopian football defender
  • Anwar Wagdi, Egyptian actor, director
  • Anouar

  • Anouar Abdel-Malek (1924-2012), Egyptian-French political scientist
  • Anouar Ayed (born 1978), Tunisian handball player
  • Anouar Benmalek (born 1956), Algerian novelist, journalist, mathematician and poet
  • Anouar Ben Naceur (born 1983), Tunisian swimmer
  • Anouar Brahem (born 1957), oud player and composer
  • Anouar Diba (born 1983), Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent
  • Anouar Hadouir (born 1982), Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent
  • Anouar Kali (born 1991), Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent
  • Enver

  • Refer to Enver
  • Anwar

  • Chairil Anwar, Indonesian poet
  • Desi Anwar, Indonesian reporter
  • Faraz Anwar, Pakistani guitarist
  • Gabrielle Anwar, English actress
  • Joko Anwar, Indonesian film critic and writer
  • Raja Anwar, Pakistani journalist, and minister
  • Rosihan Anwar, Indonesian journalist
  • Saeed Anwar, former Pakistani cricketer
  • Tariq Anwar (film editor), film editor and father of Gabrielle Anwar
  • Tariq Anwar (politician), Indian politician
  • Fictional characters

  • Anwar Kharral, character in the British drama series Skins
  • Anwar Ibrahim, character in the science-fiction novel series The Familiar, by Mark Z. Danielewski
  • Films

  • Anwar (2007 film), a 2007 Hindi film
  • Anwar (2010 film), a 2010 Malayalam film
  • Media

  • Al Anwar, Lebanese daily
  • References

    Anwar Wikipedia

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