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Antler Luggage

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Founded  1914
Headquarters  Kings Cross, London
Antler Luggage

Antler Luggage has been in the luxury travel luggage and holiday luggage business for over 90 years, with the company's origins going back even further. The company is based in Kings Cross, London.



In 1865, a man by the name of John Boultbee Brooks discovered that the wooden saddle used to sit on on a horse was uncomfortable.

His father made leather saddles for horses so at a very young age, Brooks' father introduced him into the industry. Brooks designed and made comfortable saddles, leather straps, and general leather goods from the leather in his father's workshop.


In 1870, Brooks had an innovative idea for increasing comfort on the bicycle. The hard seats on the bicycles made it riding uncomfortable so Brooks developed a new type of saddle for bicycles.

1914 - 1930

In 1914, Brooks' son began manufacturing leather passenger luggage. His son's interest in wildlife helped influence the company name and brand symbol. Stag and Antlers logo was a stag's head with antlers.

World War II

During World War II, Antler luggage shifted its focus from personal luggage to sacks used by soldiers and military equipment to help in the war effort. However, after the war, Antler Luggage returned to manufacturing their luggage.


In the 1950s Antler Luggage developed luggage for individuals who were traveling. An advertisement campaign from 1954 shows that Antler Luggage were still using J.B Brooks & Co Ltd. as their company name with Antler being used as the brand name for the suitcases.


In 1962, Antler moved from the Midlands to north Manchester, where they continue to manufacture today. Antler also have sites in Mossley, Littleborough and Exeter.

In 1965, Antler luggage employed 400 workers and exported their products across the world, particularly Singapore and Japan.


In 2013, Antler re-located to Kings Cross, London.


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