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National anthem  "Hymn to Liberty"
Music awards  Arion Awards MAD Video Music Awards Pop Corn Music Awards
Music charts  Greek Albums Chart Foreign Albums Chart Singles Chart
Music festivals  Athens Festival Epidaurus Festival Olympus Festival Thessaloniki Song Festival
Music media  Difono MAD TV (MAD World, Blue) MTV Greece
Related areas  Cyprus, Pontus, Constantinople, South Italy

Antikristos or Antikrystós (Greek: αντικρυστός χορός) is a dance of Greek origin. “Aντικρυστός” in Greek language refers to the verb αντικρύζω “be across, opposite, face-to-face” (from Ancient Greek ἀντικρύ “vis-à-vis, face-to-face”). It is also known in Armenia. Antikristos, has similarities with karsilamas dance. It is danced in couples.


Antikristos Wikipedia

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