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Anthony Alonzo

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Known for
former action star

Years active

actor, politician

Anthony Alonzo

Other names
Tonio, Tony

Roman Catholicism

Anthony Alonzo Video 48 80s ACTION STAR ANTHONY ALONZO PART TWO Circa

Full Name
Antonio Viana Hernandez

April 2, 1948 (
Quezon City, Philippines

October 9, 1998, Quezon City, Philippines

Antonio Viana Alonzo (April 2, 1948 – October 9, 1998), also known as Anthony and Tony, was a former action star and former councilor of Quezon City.


Anthony Alonzo Video 48 80s ACTION STAR ANTHONY ALONZO PART TWO Circa

Early life

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He was born as Antonio Viana Hernandez on April 2, 1948, in Quezon City to Alfredo Hernandez and Lourdes Viana. He is the brother of actress Alicia Alonzo, who herself is still appearing in Filipino films and soaps.



Antonio V. Hernandez received his elementary and secondary education at the Marulas Elementary School and Espiritu Santo High School, respectively. He took up Commerce at the Mapua Institute of Technology.

Movie career

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Besides the so-called bold and sexy films that pervaded the movie industry in the 70s and early 8os, the period also saw the emergence and proliferation of true-to-life movies. Producers then banked on the colorful and controversial lives of known notorious criminals to come up with profitable movie projects, i.e. Nardong Putik, Kapitan Eddie Set, Baby Ama, Ronquillo, Salonga, and Waway, to name a few. Popular actors Ramon Revilla and Rudy Fernandez topped the list of action stars who appeared in one movie after another, portraying infamous and villainous characters. Other stars followed, such as Ace Vergel, Jess Lapid, Jr., Rhene Imperial and Anthony Alonzo.

Alonzo was one of the busiest actors during that time and made a long list of true-to-life movies based on factual events and police records. Stardom came late for Alonzo. He was already 30 when he was given an important role in Hindi sa Iyo ang Mundo Baby Porcuna in 1978, for which he was nominated for the URIAN Best Supporting Actor award. He was nominated in the FAMAS the following year for Dakpin si Junior Bombay (1979). In 1982, he won the FAMAS Best Actor award for his role in Bambang. He also won the Best Actor awards in the 3 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) for his work in: Bago Kumalat Ang Kamandag (1983), The Moises Padilla Story: The Missing Chapter (1985) and Anak Badjao (1987).

Political life

He ran for councilor in the 1992 Metro Manila elections.


  • Muntinlupa 1950 (1974)
  • Hide and Seek (1976)
  • Tatlong Kasalanan (1976)
  • Susan Kelly, Edad 20 (1977)
  • Hindi Sa Iyo ang Mundo, Baby Porcuna (1978)
  • Dakpin si Junior Bombay (1979)
  • Reyna ng Pitong Gatang (1980)
  • Diablong Sagrado (1980)
  • Kamlon (1981) Kamlon
  • Hanapin si Jake Romano (1981)
  • Dakpin si Pusa (1981)
  • Intrusion: Cambodia (1981)
  • Totoy Scarface (1981)
  • Bangkusay Tondo (1981)
  • Deathrow (1981)
  • Bambang (1982)
  • Bago Kumalat ang Kamandag (1983)
  • Target: Batang Sindikato (1983)
  • The Fighting Mayor (1983)
  • Warren Balane (1983)
  • W (1983)
  • Manila Gangwar (1984)
  • Sendong Sungkit (1984) Sendong
  • Kumander Cobra (1984)
  • Batang Quiricada (1984)
  • Mianong Magat (1984)
  • Mad Warrior (1985)
  • Street Warror (1985)
  • Alyas Junior Buang: Mad Killer Ng Visayas (1985) Junior Buang
  • Berong Bulag: Terror ng Bulacan (1985) Berong Bulag
  • Moises Padilla Story: The Missing Chapter (1985)
  • Manila Gang War (1985)
  • Clash of the Warlords (1985)
  • Victor Lopez ng Bangkusay (1986) Victor Lopez
  • Jailbreak 1958 (1987)
  • Anak Badjao (1987)
  • Dugo ng Pusakal (1988)
  • Trident Force (1988) Rashid
  • Ang Paghihiganti ni David Burdado (1988)
  • Diegong Bayong (1989)
  • Tawilwil Gang (1989)
  • Jabidah Massacre (1990)
  • Hulihin si Boy Amores (1990) Boy Amores
  • Relaks Lang, Sagot Kita (1994) Warlito Gan
  • Demolisyon (1995)
  • Iligpit si Bobby Ortega: Markang Bungo 2(1995) Lando
  • Matira ang Matibay (1995)
  • Angel on Fire (1995)
  • Ang Mamatay ng Dahil Sa Iyo (1996)
  • Tong-Its (1997)
  • Masdan Mo Ang Mga Bata (1997) - his last movie
  • Health

    It was during this period in 1992 that he suffered from acute gastroenteritis.


    He died of skin cancer on October 9, 1998, and was buried in Quezon City.


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