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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Curculioninae
Scientific name  Anthonomus
Higher classification  True weevils
Order  Beetle
Family  Curculionidae
Tribe  Anthonomini
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Genus
Anthonomus Anthonomus Bestimmungstabelle
Lower classifications  Boll weevil, Anthonomus pomorum

Satyrium w album diapause caused by anthonomus ulmi

Anthonomus is a genus of weevils. This genus includes major agricultural pests such as the boll weevil, strawberry blossom weevil, and pepper weevil, as well as promising biological pest control agents such as Anthonomus santacruzi.


Anthonomus Anthonomus Bestimmungstabelle

3d model anthonomus pomorum


Anthonomus Weevil0734 Anthonomus eugenii BugGuideNet

The taxonomy of the genus is still under revision. It is unclear whether Cnemocyllus should be a genus or a subgenus within Anthonomus. Research suggests that the genus Hampea in the mallow family was the original host plant for the A. grandis species group.

Species include:

Anthonomus FileAnthonomuspediculariuslindseyjpg Wikimedia Commons
  • Anthonomus consors – cherry curculio
  • Anthonomus corvulus LeConte, 1876
  • Anthonomus elutus
  • Anthonomus elongatus
  • Anthonomus eugenii – pepper weevil
  • Anthonomus grandis – boll weevil
  • Anthonomus haematopus Boheman, 1843
  • Anthonomus lecontei Burke, 1975
  • Anthonomus molochinus Dietz, 1891
  • Anthonomus monostigma Champion
  • Anthonomus morticinus Clark
  • Anthonomus musculus Say, 1831
  • Anthonomus nigrinus – potato bud weevil
  • Anthonomus phyllocola
  • Anthonomus pictus Blatchley, 1922
  • Anthonomus pomorum – apple blossom weevil
  • Anthonomus quadrigibbus – apple curculio
  • Anthonomus rectirostris
  • Anthonomus rubi – strawberry blossom weevil
  • Anthonomus santacruzi Hustache
  • Anthonomus signatus Say – strawberry bud weevil
  • Anthonomus subfasciatus
  • Anthonomus tenebrosus

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    Anthonomus Anthonomus grandis Boll weevil Anthonomus thurberiae


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