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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Diptera
Subfamily  Anthomyiinae
Scientific name  Anthomyia
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Arthropoda
Family  Anthomyiidae
Tribe  Anthomyini
Higher classification  Anthomyiidae
Anthomyia warehouse1indiciaorgukuploadAnthomyiaPluviali
Similar  Fly, Anthomyiidae, Insect, Anthomyia pluvialis, Anthomyia procellaris

Anthomyia illocata root maggot fly anthomyiidae mosca branca

Anthomyia is a genus of fly in the family Anthomyiidae. They look rather like small houseflies, but commonly have conspicuous black-and-white patterning. This appears to be a mild form of aposematic coloration, though they do not appear to be distasteful unless they have eaten something offensive to the predator and have loaded their guts with it.


Anthomyia Anthomyia procellaris Anthomyia procellaris NatureSpot

anthomyia sp eats something on a sweet potato s leaf


Anthomyia Dipterainfo Discussion Forum Anthomyia procellaris
  • A. bazini Séguy, 1929
  • A. cannabina (Stein, 1916)
  • A. canningsi Griffiths, 2001
  • A. confusanea Michelsen in Michelsen & Báez, 1985
  • A. facialis (Malloch, 1918)
  • A. illocata (Walker, 1856)
  • A. imbrida Róndani, 1866
  • A. liturata (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
  • A. maura (Stein in Becker, 1908)
  • A. mimetica (Malloch, 1918)
  • A. monilis (Meigen, 1826)
  • A. nigriceps (Huckett, 1946)
  • A. obscuripennis (Bigot, 1886)
  • A. ochripes Thomson, 1869
  • A. oculifera Bigot, 1885
  • A. plurinotata Brullé, 1833
  • A. pluvialis (Linnaeus, 1758, 1758)
  • A. procellaris Róndani, 1866
  • A. quinquemaculata Macquart, 1839
  • A. tempestatum Wiedemann, 1830
  • A. xanthopus (Hennig, 1976)

  • Anthomyia Anthomyia procellaris Anthomyia procellaris NatureSpot
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