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Ansbach station

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Station code  161
IBNR  8000009
Address  91522 Ansbach, Germany
Platforms in use  7
DS100 code  NAN
Category  3
Opened  1 July 1859
Ansbach station
Location  Bahnhofplatz 2, Ansbach, Bavaria Germany
Line(s)  Treuchtlingen–Würzburg (KBS 900, 920) Nürnberg–Crailsheim (KBS 786, 891.7)
Similar  Treuchtlingen station, Steinach (b Rothenburg o d Taub, Würzburg Hauptbahnhof, Donauwörth station, Crailsheim station

Ansbach station is the central transportation hub in the town of Ansbach in southern Germany. It is here that two main lines cross: the Nürnberg–Crailsheim and Treuchtlingen–Würzburg railways.



Ansbach was first connected to the railway network by a leased railway, that linked the town to the Ludwig South-North Railway at Gunzenhausen 28 kilometres away and which was opened on 1 July 1859. In 1869, the railway was open all the way from Würzburg to Treuchtlingen and, in 1875, it was joined by the line from Nuremberg, which was extended over the state border to Crailsheim in 1876. In 1903, the Leutershausen-Wiedersbach–Bechhofen railway was opened, whose trains were nicknamed Boggala in the Bechhofen dialect, and usually ran through to Ansbach. However it was closed as early as 28 November 1966.

With the establishment of the Nuremberg Regional Transport Union (Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg or VGN) the line to Nuremberg was integrated into route R7. After the expansion of the VGN on 1 July 1997 the R7 was extended to Dombühl and the route from Uffenheim to Treuchtlingen added to the network as route R8.

Rail services

The station of Ansbach has seven platforms, including two bay platforms. As a rule the Regionalbahn trains to Nuremberg use platforms 1 and 1a, trains to Stuttgart stop at platform 2, trains to Würzburg at platform 3 and occasionally platform 1b, trains to Treuchtlingen at platform 4 and Regional-Express and Intercity trains to Nürnberg at platform 5.

The following trains call at Ansbach station:

Bus services

At the end of the 1990s the station forecourt at Ansbach was refurbished and a central bus station created. Most of the town bus lines stop here as do many regional buses that connect Ansbach to the surrounding area.

Würzburg Railway Network or E-Netz

In 2007 it was announced that Deutsche Bahn had emerged as the winner of the competition for the Würzburg railway network or E-Netz, to which the Treuchtlingen–Würzburg line belongs. As a result of this modern multiples of the Coradia LIREX type will be ordered for the lien from the French manufacturer Alstom.

Nuremberg S-Bahn

On the change of timetable in 2010 the Nuremberg S-Bahn network will be significantly expanded. This includes a new line to Ansbach, which will mean some rebuilding work at the station yard at Ansbach.


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