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Another Perfect Stranger

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Genre  Drama
Prequel  The Perfect Stranger
Country  United States
6.5/10 IMDb

Director  Jefferson Moore
Running time  1h 30m
Sequel  The Perfect Gift
Language  English
Another Perfect Stranger movie poster
Release date  September 15, 2007
Writer  David Gregory (book), Jefferson Moore (screenplay)
Directors  Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter
Cast  Jefferson Moore, Ruby Marie Lewis, Pamela Brumley, Chloe Allen, Stella Davis, Christina Karis, Chad Russell, Tara Wallace
Similar movies  Another Perfect Stranger and The Perfect Stranger are part of the same movie series

Another Perfect Stranger is a 2007 film sequel to the 2005 Christian film, The Perfect Stranger. It stars Jefferson Moore, (reprising his role as The Stranger) and Ruby Marie Lewis as Sarah Cominsky, the grown daughter of Nikki. It is followed by another sequel Nikki and the Perfect Stranger. It was based largely on David Gregory's novel, Day with a Perfect Stranger, with a few minor plot changes.



Ten years have passed since Nikki Cominsky's remarkable private meeting with a man claiming to be Jesus Christ. Her 19-year-old daughter, Sarah, who is heading to college, begins to think her mother has gone completely insane, as she is beginning to lose her faith herself. Beginning to wonder if her mother should be committed, Sarah strikes up an unlikely friendship with a mysterious travel companion who shares her dislike for religion. However, along the way, the stranger turns the conversation into a fascinating journey into her troubled life and ultimately, spirituality itself, and she begins to discover who she is and why belief is so important. She also wonders if she has misjudged her mother and the stranger she speaks of.

Nikki and the Perfect Stranger

Nikki and the Perfect Stranger is a 2013 film; it is the third and final film in the Perfect Stranger movie trilogy, based on the novels by David Gregory. It follows The Perfect Stranger and Another Perfect Stranger. It is based on Gregory's latest book in the series, Night with a Perfect Stranger. It stars Jefferson Moore (who once again reprises his role as The Stranger) and Juliana Allen, who takes over the role of Nikki Cominsky, previously portrayed by Pamela Brumley in the original 2005 film.


Several years have passed since Nikki's first encounter with the man who claimed to be Jesus of Nazareth; since then, she has once again become disillusioned with the so-called 'spiritual life' and has begun to doubt if her commitment to be a follower has truly been well-founded and sincere.

During an overnight road trip from Cincinnati to Chicago, an empty gas tank and a roadside emergency places her once again face to face with the Son of Man himself. The two spend another journey together, visiting spirit realms, sandy beaches, and even moments from the past, to help Nikki gain a greater understanding of both herself and also of The Almighty and what He expects from us.


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