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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Scorpaeniformes
Higher classification  Scorpaeniformes
Phylum  Chordata
Scientific name  Anoplopomatidae
Rank  Family
Anoplopomatidae i179photobucketcomalbumsw294EanmillerArtediu

Similar  Sablefish, Scorpaeniformes, Notothenia microlepidota, Poacher, Bembridae

The sablefishes are a family, Anoplopomatidae, of scorpaeniform fishes. They are found in coastal waters of the north Pacific from Japan to California, where they live near the sea floor in deep water: the sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria, has been found down to 1,830 m (6,000 ft). They are large fish, with the skilfish being up to 180 cm (5.9 ft) in length. They are commercially important fishes, and are often given the market name black cod.


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