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Anonyme Island

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Adjacent bodies of water  Indian Ocean
Major islands  Anonyme
Width  0.35 km (0.217 mi)
Elevation  39 m
Group  Granitic Seychelles
Total islands  1
Length  0.45 km (0.28 mi)
Area  10 ha
Island group  Seychelles Archipelago
Adjacent body of water  Indian Ocean
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Location  Seychelles, Indian Ocean

Anonyme Island is a small granitic island (0.1 km²) in the Seychelles, lying 700 m off the east coast of Mahé, near the runway of the Seychelles International Airport.


Map of Ile Anonyme, Seychelles


The island was named after a 180-ton sailing ship of the same name, which carried supplies between Mauritius and Réunion in the 17th century. Amid numerous ghost stories and tales of fabulous buried treasure, Anonyme plays a colorful role in the folklore of the islands that belies its small size. Once owned by the St Jorre family who were among Seychelles' earliest settlers, Anonyme was destined to play an important role in the construction of the international airport on Mahé, becoming the chosen location for the storage of the explosives needed to accomplish the task.


The staff quarters are at the northern part of the island, currently the Warden and his wife are the only tenants.


The island belongs to Pointe La Rue District. Being an island with a small population, there are not any government buildings or services. For many services, people have to go to Victoria.


Today, the island's main industry is tourism, and it is known for its beaches, especially Anse pimen vert, on the east coast where the warden has a small restaurant he operates. Anonyme island is a privately owned resort with seven "luxury" class chalets The owner is the daughter of former President of Seychelles France-Albert René. One can go on a boat trip or a diving trip around the island. This secluded island attracts newlyweds who like to come here and spend a honeymoon. Island Rentals allows couples to stay in love alone, enjoying the pristine nature and each other. The beaches on the island have pure snow-white sand and crystal clear water.


the main means of transportation is bicycles.


Fish is the main ingredient.

Flora & Fauna

Anonyme Island has abundant plant life including ironwood (bois noir) and banyan trees. Also several Aldabra giant tortoises make Anonyme their home. Plant life on Anonyme is plentiful upon its area of 10 hectares, and the island plays host to rare species of trees such as bois noir (iron wood) as well as a magnificent banyan tree reputed to be more than 100 years old. Anonyme boasts more than its fair share of bird life, and fruit bats are also to be found along with a number of giant land tortoises. The waters surrounding this tiny island are ideal for snorkeling and the isle commands spectacular views of sunsets and the other neighboring inner islands.


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