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Kingdom  Fungi
Class  Sordariomycetes
Rank  Genus
Division  Ascomycota
Family  Annulatascaceae
Order  Incertae sedis
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Similar  Jahnula, Massarina, Chaetosphaeria

Annulatascus is a genus of fungi in the Annulatascaceae family of the Ascomycota. The relationship of this taxon to other taxa within the Sordariomycetes class is unknown (incertae sedis), and it has not yet been placed with certainty into any order. The genus is characterized by taxa that are saprobic on submerged, decaying plant material in freshwater habitats. Morphologically the taxa possess dark brown to black perithecia, long tapering hyaline septate paraphyses, eight-spored asci with relatively massive J- apical rings, and ascospores that may or may not possess gelatinous sheaths or appendages. There are currently 17 species included in the genus.



Annulatascus is a genus established by mycologist Kevin D. Hyde in 1992, who created it to accommodate Annulatascus velatisporus, the type species of the genus.


Mycobank currently lists 19 names, one of which has been transferred to another genus, and another that is a spelling variant, as species of Annulatascus. Thus there are 17 recognized species.

  • Annulatascus apiculatus F.R.Barbosa & Gusmão 2009
  • Annulatascus aquaticus W.H.Ho, K.D.Hyde & Hodgkiss 1999
  • Annulatascus aquatorba Boonyuen & Sri-indrasutdhi 2012
  • Annulatascus biatriisporus K.D.Hyde 1995
  • Annulatascus citriosporus J.Fröhl. & K.D.Hyde 2000
  • Annulatascus fusiformis K.D.Hyde & S.W.Wong 2000
  • Annulatascus hongkongensis W.H.Ho, Ranghoo, K.D.Hyde & Hodgkiss 1999
  • Annulatascus joannae K.M.Tsui, Hodgkiss & K.D.Hyde 2002
  • Annulatascus lacteus K.M.Tsui, Hodgkiss & K.D.Hyde 2002
  • Annulatascus licaulae J.Fröhl. & K.D.Hyde 2000
  • Annulatascus liputii L.Cai & K.D.Hyde 2002
  • Annulatascus menglensis D.M.Hu, L.Cai & K.D.Hyde 2012
  • Annulatascus nilensis Abdel-Wahab & Abdel-Aziz 2011
  • Annulatascus palmietensis Goh, K.D.Hyde & Steinke 1998
  • Annulatascus triseptatus S.W. Wong, K.D.Hyde & E.B.G.Jones 1999
  • Annulatascus tropicalis Ranghoo & K.D.Hyde 2002
  • Annulatascus velatisporus K.D.Hyde 1992
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