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Anne Marie Albiach

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Language  French
Role  Poet
Name  Anne-Marie Albiach

Genres  poetry; translation
Citizenship  French
Died  November 4, 2012
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Born  9 August 1937 (1937-08-09)
Literary movement  Claude Royet-Journoud, Emmanuel Hocquard
Books  Mezza voce, Figured Image, A geometry, État, Two poems

Anne marie albiach in memoriam

Anne-Marie Albiach (9 August 1937 – 4 November 2012) was a contemporary French poet and translator.


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Anne-Marie Albiach's poetry is characterized by, among other things, an inventive use of spacing on the printed page. With Claude Royet-Journoud and Michel Couturier, she co-edited the magazine Siécle a mains, where she first published her translation of Louis Zukofsky's "A-9".

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Today, Albiach is associated in France with poets Claude Royet-Journoud and Emmanuel Hocquard, all three being, at various times, translated and published by the American poets Keith Waldrop and Rosmarie Waldrop via Burning Deck, their influential small press.


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  • État (1971); in English: tr. Keith Waldrop. (Windsor, VT: Awede Press, 1989) ISBN 0-942433-13-0
  • Mezza Voce (1984); in English: tr. Joseph Simas in collaboration with Anthony Barnett, Lydia Davis & Douglas Oliver. (Sausalito, CA: Post-Apollo Press, 1988) ISBN 0-942996-11-9
  • Anawratha (1984)
  • Figure Vocative (1985); in English: "Vocative Figure", tr. Anthony Barnett & Joseph Simas. (Allardyce Books, 1992) ISBN 0-907954-18-9
  • Le chemin de l'hermitage (1986)
  • A Geometry, tr. Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop. (Providence, RI: Burning Deck, 1998) ISBN 1-886224-31-5
  • A Discursive, Space: Interviews with Jean Daive, tr. Norma Cole. (Duration Press, 1999).
  • Two Poems: Flammigère & the Line ... the Loss tr. Peter Riley (Shearsman Books, 2004)
  • Figured Image (tr. Keith Waldrop of Figurations de l'image ). (Post-Apollo Press, 2006) ISBN 978-0-942996-59-3
  • Critical works on Albiach's writing and interviews

    Anne-Marie Albiach AnneMarie Albiach Work Vertical and Blank Jacket2
  • Collected Interviews with Jean Daive, in French, under the title: Anne-Marie Albiach L’Exact Réel. (Marseille, Eric Pesty Editeur, 2006) ISBN 2-9524961-2-9
  • Special issue of the CCP/ Cahier Critique de Poésie : Dossier Anne-Marie Albiach. Centre International de Poésie, Marseille : éditions farrago/Léo Scheer, Vol 5, n° 1, 2002/2003.
  • Gleize, Jean-Marie. Anne-Marie Albiach. Paris, Seghers, 1992.
  • Le Théâtre du poème : vers Anne-Marie Albiach. Paris, éd. Belin, 1995. (Coll. l’extrême contemporaine.)
  • « Poésie flammigère » A noir. Paris, Seuil, 1992. pp 209–223. (Coll. fiction & cie.)
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  • Ramos, Peter. “On Abiach” in Verse Magazine (published by Univ. of Richmond, VA, USA) Special issue on: “French Poetry & Poetics”, v 24, n°s 1-3, 2007. pp 319–321.
  • Simas, Joseph. « Entretien avec Joseph Simas » followed by « Notes en marge de l’entretien » by Anne-Marie ALBIACH, Ex n°4, second trimestre 1985. Re-published in the magazine Nioques n°3 under the title « Anne-marie ALBIACH et Joseph SIMAS, Entretien du 13 Juillet 1984 », June 1991.
  • Swensen, Cole. « Against the Limits of Language: The Geometries of Anne-Marie Albiach and Susan Howe. » in Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Writing By Women. ed. Mary Margaret SLOAN. Jersey City, New Jersey, Talisman House Publishers, 1998. pp 630–641.

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